(Plane) Carpet, 2016, 2017

Plane Carpet

Non-repeating animation on LED Matrix panels.LED Matrix Panels, MDF backing, wiring, PCI-like driving cards, Linux PC, custom software, computer, display boards, power supply, custom and commercial software drivers. Images from Zona Maco, 2017, CDMX, CANADA Booth.

Multiple high-color plane icons traverse across the panels from four directions, intersecting, overlapping in a non-repeating algorithm mosaic. The almost too-fast motion is like an engine of signage, travel, warning, information and complexity. While Plane Carpet looks like a tireless pattern generator, it is also a kind of technology sign, advertising itself. This work is a continuation of a piece called Departures/Arrivals, that was shown at CANADA, New York 2016.

The work consists of LED matrix panels in a 5×7 grid or 10×14 32×32 4mm (P4) panels (80cm x 40cm ) or 50″ x 40″ (126cm x 102cm)