Happy Sad Bones

Happy / Sad Bones
Geiger counter, uranium glass/ambient cosmic radiation, Arduino board, code

A Geiger counter registers radioactive decay and the pure random cosmic particles, which trigger an event. The time between this event and the last is like a coin toss. If it’s longer it’s heads, if it’s shorter it’s tails. This toss determines if the piece tells you, asks you or predicts for you an outcome. Sometimes happy, Sometimes sad. Sometimes a demon sometimes an angel. Sometimes the piece tells you its own state, its state to be or the state before. Sometimes full Sometimes empty. If the work is a set of dice then the random event is the act of tossing the dice and the way they land, is the manifestation of yet another cascade of randomness. In the end there are only acts of projection.

@http://woodstockdigital.com/ 6-2012