whirlpool singapore service centre

I need help to get it working. they told me that there was a leak and they would need to put freon to fix the problem which cost me around 4500 PHP. it doesnt want to turn on (BTW have not used the unit for two mos.) You can reach me at 09227612741 (sun); 09177224277 (globe) the machine is not rotating properly, very slow, during the washing process. There was one before perhaps in mountain view.

We know that the trouble is simple inasmuch as the motor is functioning, but we could not understand why this apathy on the part of your service center. it is very easy to remove, attached by only a screw.My microwave need to check up its not working anymore, i am here at tandang sora quezon city where is the nearest service center?

The freezer on top door is OK, but the refrigerator (lower portion of the ref) is not working. The trouble is at the console or front panel. Sta. Hi, i am just wondering if you can do a home service for our washing machine? Explore our range of washing machines, refrigerators, and other appliances. We request for service please.I have been trying to call service centers of whirlpool, but cannot connect to anyone. We buyed Whirlpool washing machine two months ago.

Your swift response will be highly appreciated.I would like to know if you have this compressor EmbracoFEI 6HAK 15/IM LRA Assymbly for this model of unitnWHB 12i have whirlpool gold washing machine and the problem is the electric motor winding is broken and rewinding is necessary. OD1, sc.1, sector 6 If you need something, just let us know – from setting up Whirlpool service and repair appointments, to proper cleaning or maintenance techniques, to finding you the Whirlpool appliance manual you need, our customer care team can help. My phone number is 09067727031.

Whirlpool carries an extensive range of home appliances for sale in Singapore. Is this true?please help me find a solution with this regard. @ In select cities & towns.
Thanks Hi, my washing machine spinner has not working, Our whrlpool washer did not spin or work.the technician came to visit but didmt mke itSir/Mam, my whirlpool washing machine has a problem in its dryer. do you have a service center that is company owned? my email add is redfumer69@gmail.com thank you.My name is Mrs. MilaCeleste, mobile number 09178257878, email meelac817@gmail.com.

Wishlist. where is the nearest whirlpool service center here? Do I need to Junk my ref? How much is your service repair charge.

my question is could a service center can rewind and can align the stator and meet the field winding standard clearance between the armature and stator? Will really appreciate your help.

Thank You in Advance.Whirlpool Philippines Service Center OverviewOur washing machine which has a model number WWA-780 a 7. 11/0. also to inform you that i need a cover in its dryer, Thank you.Kindly email the number to call for refrigerator repair in the Muntinlupa or Parañaque area.
Mesa, Manila. Washer is not functioning. We need Athurized service center Along Angeles city Pampanga. Thank you.Can you replace the body/casing of my Whirpool washing machine WWA 780? hope to hear from you in the nearest time. Thanks.E MAIL ADD; rgbrasos@yahoo.com. If you have this spart part how much would it cost. Whirlpool WVED900AHG 9kg Top Load Washer. Plutinei, nr. Str Crișan nr. Wishlist. Please resply ASAP. All Possible Information of Each Service Station 48, tronson 2 tronson 3, bl.

Can you please send us authorize Customer service hotline along Angeles City Pampanga.

Find in Store. I need somebody to fix it, can you give me a help? S$ 655 inc tax was S$ 899. If you do home service, please do email me at: estrella_an@yahoo.com.My no froze whirlpool ref i bought at duty free two years ago, shut down last night and all the food inside the ref wasted. Goodwill homesII, Barangay Bagbag, Hi we have whirpool gas range and is still working i have whirlpool three burner hob and after seven months of usage, the 1st burner is not functioning... we reported it to the store and some authorized service men checked on it but did not came back for repair... now only the middle burner is functioning,, can i have your authorized service center here in Tarlac, with contact number to repair my kitchen hob? Unit two issues: Water does not come in to machine even after cleaning the strainer of inlet hose.Do you have a repair technician in angles city, pampanga?