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The "W7" is often drawn on-screen, a la the NBC Snake, although it's a still logo on a few films. Then from 2003 until 2018, it was changed to "A TimeWarner Company" (though for a short time in 2003 until early 2004, it had the prototype byline) and from 2018 onward, it has "A WarnerMedia Company".Before the logo is even faded completely, the background turns black while the shield turns into the 1984 shield, and water starts to appear on the shield.It starts with the regular logo, then it has the 1972 logo with a circle of the 1940s cartoon logo which comes out of the 1972 logo.Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.The WB shield appears like a machine, then opens to space.Instead of the normal shield logo, a replica of the classic 1936-1964 WB "circles" cartoon logo comes up, with its text and minus the shield ("PICTURES, INC." is removed in favor of "A TIME WARNER COMPANY").

The Warner Bros. logo is the production logo appearing at the beginning of films released by Warner Bros. and their various production divisions. On later releases, the standard Warner Bros. Productions Corp. logo takes place on a background similar to a ship's porthole.

It is similar to 1984 shield, except the "Warner Bros. Pictures" banner uses a different font. Behind it there is the drawing of a flag, "waving" so it looks like it is in three sections.

The word "PRESENTS" appears underneath the logo.The WB shield without the banner zooms through the red Looney Tunes rings as the banner fades in over the shield reading "FEATURE ANIMATION" instead of "WARNER BROS. PICTURES". Around halfway through, the words "WARNER BROS" (in the Warner Communications custom typeface) appear below it. Below the shield, "WARNER BROS.-SEVEN ARTS" is seen.

The banner phrase is now changed to "WARNER BROS. PICTURES" and is now gold. Also, the background is slightly enhanced, and the shield has a slightly different lighting. It is similar to 1984 shield, except the "Warner Bros. Pictures" banner uses a different font. It stops at the middle of the screen and a black square field, whose corners have been rounded and softened, fades in around the logo.
Domestic Television DistributionCartoon Network Latin America Original ProductionsAfter its introduction at the end of the 1953 filmThis logo was once superimposed over one of the backgrounds used for the 1948 logo that would later be used for the 1984 logo. "The 1984 logo appears, as with all post-1999 Eastwood movies.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.A image of the Warner Bros. studios is seen in gold tint where it "ripples" before revealing to be reflected on the side of the WB shield with the banner reading "WARNER BROS. PICTURES" as it zooms out against the same backdrop of clouds (though the clouds are a little bit grey) and stops on it's position. It is similar to 1984 shield, except the "Warner Bros. Pictures" banner uses a different font. Also, the logo turns into the moon and isn't animated.Against the backdrop of clouds is the gold WB shield (both are in their same styles from the 1948 logo) with a gold banner around it with the words "WARNER BROS. PICTURES". After the music is over, the shield explodes into a fireball, transitioning into the opening title sequence.Nearly the same as the 1998-present Warner Bros. Pictures logo, the only differences are that the shield banner reads "FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT" instead of "WARNER BROS. PICTURES", and Bugs steps to the left from under the shield, doing the same pose and animation from the previous logo. Alternate variant without the word "Pictures" Seen after the 1979 Orion/WB logo.For the logo's first year, to celebrate 75 years of Warner Bros., the shield zooms out to a more further position, "75" and "YEARS" appear from behind the shield and move away to surround it. The logo then glitches out.The shield is a tan color, and is set on a bubbly beer background.

We zoom up to the logo, the shield opens like a door, and out comes a cartoon Madonna, who closes the shield and poses sexy for the camera. The camera zooms past the logo and transitions to the DC logo.The Warner Bros. Shield logo makes a cameo appearance in the abandoned World of the Future Fair during Batman chasing the Joker inThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingThe bannerless WB shield is on a red-orange sign, and the words "WARNER BROS. PICTURES", in a cartoon-ish font, are on a bright red sign, with the word "Presents" in a red script font below.The logo is white on a black background. The logo goes up and she moves down to make way for the opening credits.https://warnerbros.fandom.com/wiki/Warner_Bros._logo?oldid=124697The 1970 Kinney Shield logo animates a la the 1972 "\\'" logo. Used in tandem with the previous logo. The shield then shatters to reveal the Warner Animation Group shield.The current CGI logo with the byline "A TimeWarner Company"The bannerless WB shield is tinted dark gray with the words Warner Bros. Pictures Presents in a white cursive font and a background full of flowers.Until 2001, "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" byline is used before it is replaced by "An AOL Time Warner Company" and then in 2004 "A Time Warner Company". The shield then stops in its place as "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" byline fades in, then the rings fade out one-by-one when the WB shield turns dark and fade out.The background fades into the city of Los Angeles skyline, leaving only the WB shield.The logo is tinted in green and the graphics altered so they look "computerish".The shield transforms into a frozen Batman logo.The logo is black and white and the background is a cloudy sky.On scope films, the backdrop of clouds is entirely different.Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales