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The speech below is an example of a birthday speech a parent might give for a child when she/he turns 40. Pitch Perfect Speeches for Every Audience with a 100% Money Back Guarantee She had to have the popcorn in her lap. Exact matches only Total speaking time for the 6 Speech(es) is 16 minutes Additional information. She and I were driving home from her first day of school. Famous Quotes About Turning 40 Benjamin Franklin "At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment." Use your best judgment on whether the expression should be touching, funny or solemn!The speech below is an example of a birthday speech a parent might give for a child when she/he turns 40.Our favorite time was reading a story at night.

Your speech can choose from so much; from gently having a little fun, to … We were talking about her likes and dislikes concerning her school, class, and teacher.

Say it is dedicated especially to him!

will always be a good memory for me. The world is literally our oyster. We are delighted to have you with us and especial thanks to those who have traveled from afar. You need a 40th birthday speech to wow your friends and family. Our speeches mention the kind of person he is and how much you like him. She is like 40." She could swing at the playground for hours saying "daddy higher. She has always loved reading and learning.Seriously though, even when Samantha was a teenager, she would make They say that now over half the world’s population is under the age of 30, so reaching the age of 40 is like being an elder 100 years ago. 40th Birthday Speeches can look at life from all directions.

Use our speech as a template and then ad lib a lot, or a little and put your personal stamp on these words of wisdom.

Birthday Speech - How to Make it Memorable!If you're giving a 40th birthday speech for your boss, the tone of the speech will be completely different. John was just turning 40 and he had been playing golf all his life. Happy Birthday, Samantha, to me you will always be my baby!Those baby and toddler years flew by. So you're forty. of mine. was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. That was the day I knew my life would never be the same.

Our trip to New York City for her 16th birthday Some have come to dread the "F" word - but I say - bring it on - bring them ©2008 - 2018 Find-the-Words.com The world is literally our oyster.

On the other hand, at 40 you are much wiser and than you were at 21 and many consider it the start of the best part of life! It was time for Samantha to start kindergarten before we knew it. The world is literally our oyster. The moment I took her in The fabulous forties were named aptly after all. They speak of the ways he contributes to family life.Each speech in our pack ends with a 40th birthday toast So tell him he’s special in your 40th birthday speech to brother- in- law and end off your contribution with one of our short, catchy poems. I guess I've always been a little bit overprotective. school a priority.Robert Frost once said, "A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age." I can still remember her asking to read Owl at Home over and over until the book cover was worn thin. You might be staring down your 40th birthday like it's the barrel of a gun, but turning the big 4-0 shouldn't be all doom and gloom. It means that the person turning 40 has a special place in their heart for you and having you speak at this special occasion means a great deal to them.