tpg nbn 100 whirlpool

posted 2015-Jan-13, 11:22 pm AEST Potential users in future please please dont tske their service.Horrible router that constantly drops out. Compared to the many rival NBN 100 plans available, TPG does ok. In between the dropouts my performance is great.Copyright © 2020 TPG Internet Pty Ltd ABN 15 068 383 737 - All Rights Reserved | I reconnected both ends of the white coax cable (ie wall socket to modem) and it seems to be greatly improved. posted 2015-Apr-1, 8:28 pm AEST posted 2015-Jan-26, 9:50 am AEST Calling their tech support to enquire about the situation and was told that it shouldn't make any difference. Aussie Broadband. posted 2015-Feb-2, 10:09 am AEST
posted 2015-Mar-20, 6:33 pm AEST The next day you don't get a call from the engineer only a text during off peak times saying your connection is fine and the case is closed.They are supposed to be good but they are a rip off and no different to any other large provider.I changed to these guys as my current provider couldn't provide for me in my new area they are absolute garbage. Looks to me like these supposed calls have been fabricated!

Otherwise, I only should pay half. UNI-D light colors are based on a couple of thingsIn the end it was NBN's fault for not setting the line speed correctly. posted 2015-Jan-29, 11:51 am AEST Ethernet will always be faster than wireless. Not 100% satisfied when paid for 100/40 plans.Got my R7000 setup as an access point instead, and now no speed issues. hey guys why always tpg is giving outdated huawei router !Phone service is bundled with the NBN. posted 2015-Mar-21, 8:44 am AEST

Based on the logs on your case we are currently awaiting updates from NBNco.I went overseas in may and never bothered to change anything. The date then changed for when the DD got taken out. posted 2015-Feb-23, 12:58 pm AEST

Im also thinking oof coming over to the TPG party as my current contract on NBN with iinet expires in two weeks. Hopefully it's good to go by this afternoon You’ll pay $20 more per month on Telstra than on TPG. What is the speed when the computer is connected directly to the NTD?I cannot give an eta over a public forum without further info on your account.
Requested refund and attempted to negotiate a solution and met with nothing but resistance with zero interest in customer retention.

I have similar. MAXosting the company too much and not being used. tried to charge $350 cancellationThe absolute worst internet service provider in the world.Horrible router that constantly drops outThey blame nbn co and say there is an outage in my area but my neighbours still have normal speeds at the same time.5-10 Dropouts daily. posted 2015-Aug-10, 10:42 pm AEST I wouldn't, you're paying for a service you're not receiving.It's getting worse now. posted 2015-Sep-14, 1:22 pm AEST If your TPG NBN connection is working correctly the power, optical and one of the UNI-D ports should be lit (either green or yellow). posted 2015-Mar-21, 7:42 am AEST posted 2015-Aug-17, 11:12 am AEST posted 2015-Sep-14, 1:22 pm AEST posted 2016-Jul-2, 1:38 pm AEST posted 2015-Jan-19, 12:06 pm AEST Also, how does changing NBN providers work? posted 2015-Jul-2, 6:23 pm AEST Never go with this TPG. I don't believe them, actually. posted 2015-Feb-12, 9:46 am AEST

Occasionally, 50-60/38Mbps. But no response afterwardsand also will they wait for me to get the modem in the post before activating my service ?