sentence of lateral

Lateral definition is - of or relating to the side. Did You Know? For example: "lateral The superior brachium extends lateralward from the superior colliculus, and, passing between the pulvinar and medial geniculate body, is partly continued into an eminence called the lateral geniculate body, and partly into the optic tract.Addams applied the idea of lateral progress to numerous issues.In the medulla it is known as the lateral nucleus.Keeps his shoulders square in lateral movements and can easily knife under the kick-out blocks to come off and make the plays behind the line of scrimmage.On its volar surface are two articular eminences, of which the lateral is the larger, for the two sesamoid bones in the tendons of the Flexor pollicis brevis.The middle region of the lower zone is the hypogastric or pubic, and the lateral are the right and left iliac or inguinal.If the further connections of the cochlear nerve of one side, say the left, be considered, it is found that they lie lateral to the main sensory tract, the lemniscus, and are therefore termed the lateral lemniscus. The tendon of the plantaris crosses obliquely from lateral to medial in a depression in the soleus muscle. Definition of Lateral. lateral (adjective) - situated at or extending to the side; ; - Tennyson. Examples of lateral thinking in a sentence, how to use it. A beam runs along the top of the bridge, offering lateral support to the structure. How to use lateral in a sentence. Example sentences with the word lateral. Instead of jumping up and down, I placed a pile of books under both ends of a pole and jumped in a lateral direction. Sentence Examples. Two lateral tunnels were also constructed, making the total length 63 m. To the outer end of this lateral wire a condenser was attached and the coherer inserted between the condenser and the earth. Jack threw a lateral pass in the final seconds of the fourth quarter, which made no sense because it did not advance them toward the end zone. : More compact plants result when long branches are pruned back to their junction at a lateral branch during early spring. The wall is weak and requires lateral support. The femoral, lateral cutaneous, and obturator nerves exit from the lumbar plexus.

How to use lateral in a sentence. 241+2 sentence examples: 1. How can lateral be used in a sentence? within the spine; and in some, the positions in which they have been accustomed to lie cooperate with the disease.The ice from the Vostok and Dome Concordia cores will have hence been subjected to long-term lateral stress and plenty of untraceable faulting, at all scales down to the molecular.Forbes: Do you think, looking to the future, there'll be more negotiations such as these bilateral free-trade agreements or, I love the word you had, pluri-lateral, which is these counterfeit negotiations, instead of one comprehensive negotiation, there will be a lot of atomistic negotiations?Mr de Bono, who lives in the Channel Islands, is originator of the term lateral thinking and is widely regarded as the world's leading authority in the field of creative and conceptual thinking.The neurons of the second order are supposed to pass through the anterior commissure to the superficial antero-lateral fasciculus (tract of Gowers) and pass upward in that portion of it known as the lateral spinothalamic fasciculus.Words that aren't necessarily predecessors or successors, but are often found in the same sentence.The procedure is known as lateral branch denervation and ablates the afferent nociceptive nerves that originate in the sacroiliac joint and surrounding tissue.These sound-receptor cells are located in a line running along the mid-region of either side and are referred to as the lateral lines.Of these two ridges, the lateral is the more prominent, and descends to the summit of the lateral condyle.Immediately after placement in the formwork until achievement of its inherent stability, the concrete mix, under the effect of its own load and of compaction by vibration, exerts lateral pressure on the formwork which is called lateral pressure of the concrete mix.Push and pull which allows a longer term lateral basing pattern to form to cool down the oscillators and emotions from a too bullish perspective.These two last are eddies, caused by the obstacle presented by the earth in being _pushed_ out from the centre by the moon, and are called lateral vortices.Those at the edge are called lateral moraines, those in the middle, medial moraines, and those at the end, terminal moraines.-- The term lateral should be understood, as applied to aeroplanes.