russian honey cake

Add flour to the dough; it may still be sticky after adding the flour. (I am 62 OMG! Add the eggs in a thin stream for them to temper and incorporate correctly without cooking the eggs and turning them into scrambled eggs. In a separate bowl, whisk together 32 oz sour cream with 2 cups powdered sugar. One request for your recipes – it would be helpful if measurement were also provided in metric.I’ve been waiting for a reason to make this for about a year now, and finally just made it for Thanksgiving earlier this month. I will have to test it out again and see if anything needs to be changed. I believe that's also why I could only manage to add in half of the flour and it was dry and crumbly.
(had very little left over). This cake needs time to absorb some of the cream and soften, so be patient. A coffee cup? Disclosure: This website is part of Amazon's Associates Program. Add baking soda to the honey and butter mixture and whisk. Makes a large cake so lots to share. Such an amazing cake. Otherwise the recipe is quite easy to make.I would not advise using cream cheese. The only thing I may have not done right is the condensed milk.

This one’s not that sensitive, making it more attainable for everyone.

(And the Pinterest friendly). Optionally, weigh each piece of dough, to maintain the size. If this is the only dessert, I would make 2 cakes with that many people :-).During a recent trip to Russia my mother, friend and I became addicted to Honey cake. They said it was so delicious and nothing they have ever tried before ( we are in Melbourne ) thank you!Hello Natasha.
I haven’t tested that substitution and since baking is so much a science, I really can’t guess how it would affect the cake. I will report back on the results!Just wanted to point out 32 fluid ounces is .94 litres, not 2 litres! I did watch a few other videos on the techniques used and your video in particular was pretty informative. Slowly add egg mixture to the batter, continue mixing the whole time while adding.In reference to cooking time, maybe try cooking it on lower heat. Wonderfully light once it has ‘matured’. It's worth the wait!Hi! Happy birthday to your husband!Thanks for sharing your great tips with other readers Richard!You’re welcome! We loved the cake so much that when we returned to Australia we just had to find a recipe and my search led us here. Let the layers come to room temperature then place in a plastic bag on the counter overnight at room temperature.Made this cake first time on 4th of July, everyone loved it. ДякуємоHi Olya, I think that would work fine if you baked them as equal sized rectangles.We had our first ever Honey Layer cake experience when visiting beautiful Prague in 2016. I’m surprised that you doubled the flour – wow!! Press the cake layers down gently as you go to keep the layers from having air gaps. Refrigerate until ready to use.My Ukrainian husband LOVES when I make this. Only individual pieces so I would have them exactly same size.Bake each layer of cake for 5-7 minutes, until golden brown. A friend even said this cake is 10x better than the 6 layer cake that my daughter ordered!! It was hot and humid while I was baking so took a lot more flour than yours, but knowing what I was looking for meant I could keep going with confidence. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.You can actually purchased as we call it cooked condensed milk. She doesn’t use heavy whipping cream in her frosting, just sour cream and real sugar. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review, Vika! Was really looking forward to this. I'm going to make the cream and assemble the cake now, hopefully it will be a success in the end. Thank you for all of the thoughtful tips and tricks - it made it easier than I would have guessed to make!Butter is for the cream. Our 2 Spartak recipes have condensed milk in the cream but the sour cream seems to complement the cake better here although the other cream would probably work here also. My son wants it for his birthday and my daughter wants it for her wedding! Let the cake sit in the fridge overnight. Everything went according to your recipe and instructions.

Refrigerate until ready to use.Hi Olga, yes that should work fine.

Hi Judith, the honey we buy is usually light/medium in color. I’ve baked it several times, your exact measurements worked perfect for me. Keep up the good work! I have a good tip, saw it on YouTube. Cool to room temp then cover loosely in a plastic bag and store at room temperature in a low-humidity room.I’m so happy you enjoyed that, Zhenia. The end result is an eye-catching dessert that is sure to impress.Hey Amanda, you don't need to do it the entire time but the majority of the time.

The first is to keep it moist without drying out in the refrigerator. I don’t know what I was doing wrong. We have it like 10 times a year and it never gets old. Also, a heavy-bottomed pan works best for even heat conduction . Thank you for making it 2.

Natalya makes cooking easier and approachable, by simplifying the ingredients, while still producing the same great taste.Gram crackers could work but the flavor would be different because this cake has a pretty intense honey flavor.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful cake! It took a lot of work but was worth it.

Frost the top and sides with the remaining frostingYou’re welcome, Bill! I hope that helps Hi Liza, you ant to make sure you take the sugar mixture completely off the burner in step 2 since if the mixture is too hot, it can cause the eggs to curdle. Thanks a mill!Hi, that is normal and you will need to let it rest overnight for the layers to absorb the frosting and then it softens.I made this cake it looked great and everybody liked Thank you for all your tasty recipes.Hi Sue, when you measure the flour, are you spooning it into the measuring cup and then scraping off the top? I am glad to hear that! How long does it stay fresh in the refrigerator?Hi Olivia!