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Kpop - Who Wore it Better? Doctors aren’t sure what causes red ear syndrome, but they’ve found clues in the nervous system.

Hormonal changes are common during menopause.

Make sure to comment below with pics of your favorite customized in-ears!Most Popular Idols On Kpopmap - 1st Week Of SeptemberThanks for the info! By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. Idols do the same thing, except they also spend bank on customizing their in-ear monitors!Infinite's Sunggyu also has customized in-ears too. Who wore it better? She endearingly engraved her in-ear with 9 sticks (representing 9 members), the group's name group name (TWICE), and their debut date (10/20).Be proud to be a 94-line!

Red-In-Ear (레드인이어) currently consists of two members: Hailey and Nahyun. The eardrum, which is also called the tympanic membrane is a thin piece of tissue which separates the middle and inner ear from the external auditory canal. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. For every member, one piece has their name engraved on it, and the GFriend logo on the other. The red ear is thus caused by vasodilatation of blood vessels in skin and subcutaneous tissue. Poll: Who owned Stray Kids’ Back Door era?This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. Here is YeRin's below!You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in Did your bias' in-ear make the list?

The eardrum receives sound vibrations and carries them to the tiny bones (called ossicles) inside the ear. Recently on an online community, one netizen shared photos of female K-Pop idols with unique and interesting ear piercings. Comment down below!Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences!Male Idols Who Can Literally Be An Elven Council For Pulling Off Long Hair So WellEver the hip-hop king, WINNER's Mino chose to keep his in-ears classic chic black and white, as he engraved 'Winner' and 'Mino' on them but in graffiti font to show off his characteristic charms!

Red ears are not a sign of a serious health condition in most cases, although they can be uncomfortable.

A skin infection like cellulitis or erysipelas could result in red ears. That includes his in-ear monitors!

(Boy Groups)Which is the best Kpop song of 2019? Red-In-Ear Fandom Name: — Thanks to their diverse ear piercings and accessories, many fans are also using them as reference when they head to …

Quiz: Can you guess Twice designated colors?Poll: Who owned CIGNATURE’s Nun Nu Nan Na era?Who owned Fromis_9 “Feel Good [Secret Code]” era? Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.Would love your thoughts, please comment.I've heard every WINNER members have their customized in-ears too. We'll be adding it to a Part 2 list~Rap Monster has his solo album's "RM" (in the same font) engraved on his in-ears to honor the hard work he had put in for his first solo album.K-Pop's Male Fashionista Icon, GD, carefully goes over every aspects of looking fantastic by focusing on everything down to the finest detail. Hello! You may also experience ears that are warm, swollen, and irritated. Erysipelas may include blistering or a … And her ear is so small heheAll of the GFriend members were gifted with their own customized in-ear monitors by their company. "SG" and Destiny album's logo.We never really paid much attention to them, but K-Pop Idols show their various personalities and tastes by customizing their personal in-ear monitors. The fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone during menopause causes red ear and facial blushing.

Some of them also have intricate earrings! In this article, learn about the potential causes of red ears, as well as when to see a … TaeHyun certainly is, as his in-ears are engraved with his birth year on both sides in simple design and lettering (He was born on May 10, 1994).Which ONEUS Member Will You Go On A Date With?We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website.Aww Dahyun's are so cute. Seventeen’s Jeonghan vs History’s Jaeho vs Up10tion’s Wooshin.

The list of idols with customized in-ears is way too long to list (especially since many have more than one), but here are a few idols' in-ears that we think you'll appreciate!Over 9 Celebrities Support ASTRO MoonBin & SanHa's "IN-OUT" On InstagramCOVID-19 Is Not Only Killing Restaurants In S. Korea But Even Part Of K-Pop4 TWICE Members & Professional Footballers Who Look Alike In The Weirdest Yet Hilarious WayYou're right, though lately, it looks like Jungkook's been using clear ones that looks like the highest end Shure in-ears.Yellow & Blonde Hair On Idols Make It Difficult For Fans To Decide If Natural Black Is Better

Which is the best Kpop song of 2019? (Girl Groups)Poll: Who wore it better? Thanks for info! The eardrum also functions to protect the delicate structures of the middle and inner ear from the external environment. Looking forward to see Seungyoon, Jinwoo and Seunghoon's in-ears. 10 K-Pop Idol Groups That Have Successfully Filled Up Tokyo Dome With Their FansWanna show off your bias' in-ears? Much like Rap Monster, V engraved his name on both sides of his in-ear, but switched up the colors with white/mint on one and black/red on the other.4 Absurd Yet Hilarious K-Pop Rumors That Will Give You A Good LaughUpcoming K-Pop Comeback & Debut Lineup In October 2020We customize our phones, our laptops, and anything that has room to stick the faces of our bias on.