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“What you going to do, curse me?” comes back Fein, and off the writer goes, impotently saying “I hope all the bad things in the world happen to you.”In that play, first seen in 1992, an admittedly insensitive college professor’s career and life are wrecked by the woman pupil who has unjustly accused him of sexual exploitation. It’s odd for an artist as high-profile as Mamet to be trying out a new work in this independent fashion. Brazilian singer Anitta’s new song has everything we need, including Cardi BYou might be surprised to learn that David Mamet recently tested a new play he wrote and directed at the Odyssey Theatre with a mouthwatering cast that included his wife, Rebecca Pidgeon, Emmy winner William H. Macy and stage veteran Fionnula Flanagan, who was nominated for a Tony Award last year for her performance in “The Ferryman.” What’s on TV Saturday, plus Sunday Talk shows: ‘I Quit’

But the play, a reworking of an old myth about the bartering of a soul, is still a draft or two away from realizing its sinister promise.

As with the vast majority of Mamet’s late works, the action seems to emanate from distortions in his imagination rather than from the minds of his characters. He bulges, he lumbers about, he sneers, he delivers his cynicism in the most soothing of voices, he exudes power even when brought low, and, which isn’t always the case with American actors, he’s not afraid to be hateful. Performing her music is different from acting, but she says she gets the same thrill from both experiences. His father, a labor attorney, was a first-generation American, born to Polish-Jewish emigres. David Mamet's classic play 'American Buffalo' is coming back to Broadway, and progressive theater cats are none too pleased. Van Morrison targets COVID-19 restrictions in new protest songsGet Carolina A. Miranda's weekly newsletter for what's happening, plus openings, critics' picks and more.Garden pods designed by Selgascano for Second Home, a coworking space in Hollywood, have allowed the offices to function during the COVID-19 pandemic. A work that’s still being tinkered with before it’s shipped to New York deserves the chance to evolve in peace even if it’s charging $50 a ticket to L.A. theatergoers.

“Ratched” stars Sarah Paulson, Sharon Stone, Sophie Okonedo and Cynthia Nixon discuss their Netflix series, life in Hollywood and costar Judy Davis.“Look, it was a very interesting weekend, full of lessons learned,” actor Chris Evans told TV host Tamron Hall about the nude pic he mistakenly posted.The 14 best films of the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival

And soon afterwards the curtain falls on a play that, to those who (with me) regard Mamet’s All the other characters are so underwritten the play might almost be a monologue, but at least Malkovich makes it a watchable monologue. I was surprised to find out about “The Christopher Boy’s Communion,” which ended its two-week run in a hush on Sunday.

 Sword Fighting, Bisexual 17th Century Singer Gets Superhero Treatment“Dave just came home one day with a play and said, ‘Let’s get these lovely actors who’ve we’ve worked with for many years to come and play with us,'" said actress Rebecca Pidgeon.

The friend seated next to me, an arts patron with adventurous taste, said she would arrange tickets. “I find that when I’m learning the lines, it kind of organizes my brain rather like playing a Bach piece," Pidgeon said.“There’s an element of poetry to it," Gregg said. Her milieu is supposedly Catholic New York, but the world she evokes is one of malevolent melodrama.

Next Post: $10 TIX Friday, Jan. 31st! The staging of “The Christopher Boy’s Communion” has a peculiar silence for a play that is nothing but talk.

Exploring Your Health Well, he continues to have sympathy for illegal immigrants, despite or perhaps because of his mother’s murder. There’s nothing remotely misogynistic in a play that is in effect advocacy for #MeToo.Even when he jumps onto the window ledge, threatening to throw himself out, his last words are to ask his survivors to tell his children that their mother is “a cunt”.

Evacuations ordered in parts of Antelope Valley as Bobcat fire moves within 1 mile of Juniper Hills I got the skinny a few weeks ago at a dinner party attended by some prominent members of the L.A. theater community. Plausibility, or the art of making the impossible seem natural, requires more scrupulous attention to behavioral detail. Then the ogre comes fully into the open.