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An nbn ™ FTTC connection is used in circumstances where fibre is extended close to your premises, connecting to a small Distribution Point Unit (DPU), generally located inside a pit on the street.

I don't think a Cisco router is a particularly good value option, but you can do down that path if you like. Fttp is ALWAYS worth it, assuming you have the funds to pay for it.I thought nbn supplies one, but talking to the installers they said it didn’t.

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To connect to the nbn on FTTC, we will help you to install an nbn Network Connection Device and a compatible Telstra Smart modem.

They said it’s got now be done by the ISPI run my business from home and need something reliable, prefer Cisco as have Meraki firewall etc. (Funny: I am unit 3, unit 1 has FTTC, 2 says not ready for NBN, 3-4-5 is all FTTP, what's that about) I live in a town house with 5 units in one lot. As far as modem performance goes on FTTN, it turned in excellent speeds notching up sync speeds of 86.7/40.7 Mbps.

So I replaced with something cheap from Jaycar which works fine for my crappy Adsl connection. Make sure the electrical outlets for your NCD and modem are both on, and press the modem's Power button.
from the sound of it, all they will do is swap the copper in the pit, so all the existing Ong phone lines will be the same.So no modem, great ! The guys now doing the work won’t do it. Check the lights on your NCD.

I generally stick to TP-Link routers, sometimes with a custom firmware such as Gargoyle, or an x86 box running something like PFsense or OPNsense.Sorry but your working off out of date information here.You won't need a modem for FTTC.

After the nbn Connection Box is installed any other phone sockets will no … Why do the ISPs try to sell you one ?What you will need is just a router. Solved: HI, If someone has a FTTC NBN connection can they please measure the modem and let me know what size it is.

In-home equipment.

Allow 15 minutes for your modem to boot up and connect automatically. All our current copper cabling runs on conduit under the drive way from the curb, same curb pit as NBN. Technology on NBN website is supposedly FTTP. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsAny router will be fine.

Connect the included Ethernet cable from the red WAN port on your modem to the yellow Gateway port on your NCD. They showed me the install plans.You still need a VDSL2-compatible modem to run from the NCD.https://www.nbnco.com.au/residential/learn/network-technology/fibre-to-the-curb-explained-fttc.htmlWith FTTC, NBNCo provides a Network Connection Device (NCD) to reverse the electricity from the house to power the copper line to the Distribution Point Unit (DPU) in the pit.In all seriousness, why would you want to upgrade to FTTP at any cost?Yeah nah I wouldn't listen them.

Originally I had planned to upgrade to FTTP but the NBN guys working on the installs said it won’t be worth it as the pit is like 4m from the house connection and not worth it. We are getting NBN sometime between now and sept ( nbn are doing the civil works right now ) and was wondering what the best modem is use with the FTTC.

NBN supplies the termination device. Press J to jump to the feed. The last part of the connection uses your existing copper phone line up to make up the nbn …
FTTC allows you to connect to the nbn TM by using fibre that’s linked to a Distribution Point Unit (DPU), which sits inside a telecom pit in your street. (NCD) The one that is plugged into the phone socket. Fibre to the curb connects to your existing phone socket.

Hard to get clear info.As posted on your reply to me they are supplying a modem with reverse power integrated.Well the first NBN guys that came around like 12 months ago said they would run fiber directly to the office for a cashie. NBNCo will supply a modem as part of it.The cable run being 4m from the house means pretty much a guaranteed 1000/400Mb/s FTTC connection.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castI’ve had a Cisco Small Business Pro – SRP527W for like 7 years and was rock solid till recently when it died.