what does umi mean in african

The name Umi is a unisex name and can be used for a boy or girl name (male or female). “Umi” in Arabic أمي means my mother from أم mother “Ummiy” in Arabic أمّي, with stress on the middle letter مّ, means a person who can't read or write. The first thing you should know if you are considering Umi for your baby's name is that in most countries all over the world the name Umi is a unisex name, used as a boy name and a girl name.The name Umi is of African origin, and is used mostly in African countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.If you consider naming your baby Umi we recommend you take note of the special meaning and history of the name as your baby’s name will play a bi… African Name Meaning - servant. See also the related category servant (helper). Umi is rarely used as a baby name for boys. In African, the name Umi means -. A word that describes a young, beautiful girl. The name Umi originated as an African name. Oomi, Umea, Umee, Umey, Umie, Umy, and Yumie are variants of Umi. Origin - Africa. Umi means 'sea' ; 'ocean' Name Analysis of Umi Character Analysis of Umi : Persons with the name Umi, can be quite charming and entertaining and are very social. Umi. The name is of the meaning servant. Umi is used chiefly in the African language and it is also derived from African origins. They have a keen intellect and want the best out of life - the pleasant, the beautiful and the luxurious.

servant. She sometimes makes mistakes, but always learns from … She's the life of every party. It is not listed in the top 1000 names. She's usually loud, but not too loud.