sexualized dress codes

“midriff shirt” = “crop top”, “shirt with open sides” = “muscle shirt” etc. Shorts and skirts that pass this test may still be deemed inappropriate.Low-cut tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops, backless tops, tube tops, A-shirts (muscle shirts), clothing that allows for bare midriffs, low necklines, and/or short shorts are not allowed.Using the National Center for Education Statistic’s (NCES) The stomach and belly button are not inherently sexual body parts, as sex is not their primary function. For just $1/month, you can help support us. Afterall, how do you quantify something that is Over the course of 2 school years, Morris observed and recorded the race, class, and gender influence on school disciplining of students’ bodies and dress in a Texas middle school.How dress codes criminalize males and sexualize females of colorThe district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards.Although we don’t have data from the schools in our dataset about the enforcement of these subjective policies, previous research can give us an idea of how these policies can be influenced by bias.Shame: A Documentary on School Dress CodePolicies like these have recently come under scrutiny due to the sexual tone they communicate.

The Combining data from all but 3 of Washington DC’s public high school’s written dress code policies alongside the lived experiences of 21 black girls that attend/have recently attended those schools, this report explores the effect of dress code policies on black girls. The average dress code prohibits around 32 items (the maximum was 97). The issue is a lack of knowledge about consent and respecting boundaries.9 Things folks supporting survivors of sexual assault should know about reportingWriting this article has brought up so many questions for us. Those clauses often look like this:You’ll find short shorts and skirts at the highest end alongside visible underwear.Any clothing or personal item that, in the judgment of the administration, interferes with or disrupts the educational process will not be allowed.In early 2017, writer Dana Schwartz posed a We pour our ❤️ into these stories, but they take time and money. They are referencing a history of colonialism, racism, and patriarchy. Criminalization of males of color Students and teachers of all genders and racial/ethnic backgrounds reported that males of color were most likely to be coded, even if White males had similar dress code infractions. Thank you to my editor, Matt Daniels, for providing feedback on all (what feels like) 8493084 versions of this story. If dress codes are enforced in middle school and even before, that means that while learning about long division and the three states of matter, girls are also learning the false importance put on their appearance. And as dress codes relate to rape culture, they sometimes project the idea that when female-identified folks dress a certain way their bodies become inherently sexualized, and as such are inherently at risk of an assault.

... it makes people view women as sexual objects rather than human beings. This narrative commonly presents itself as schools telling feminine-identified folks to cover up, that they are distracting masculine-identified folks in the space. Here are a few examples:This bias extends beyond the sexualization of students.

Dress codes, in short, have too often been a tool of a dominant culture and a way to police Because when it comes to dress codes and sexualized violence, the issue isn’t clothing. This mentality blames the person experiencing harm, instead of focusing on the person who caused the harm.In each of these cases, the institution enforcing the dress code has made a value judgment about which sorts of clothes and behaviours are appropriate, and which are not. Those phrases often looked something like this:This outside critique of girls’ and womens’ bodies happens often enough that author Some suggest that dress codes that use words like these send a complex message to all students: girls are responsible for the way that collection of inappropriate body parts to coverThe remaining prohibitions, however, are simply addressed to “students” giving the implication that the rules will apply to all students evenly.