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See you on the links!This is a good example of the proper placement of the pin.

Golf Etiquette Basics. Shirley Golf Club aims to operate a contemporary and forward thinking dress policy commensurate with a modern day golf club. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Grasping all the relevant do’s and don’ts of golf takes time. If you don’t shake hands, people will remember you and take it as a slight.So, you missed that easy putt or sliced off the tee. Some allow shorts, others don’t.

I also know that no one wants to admit to a bum shot. We monitor our own actions, call our own penalties, and conduct ourselves in such a way as to ensure everyone enjoys their round of golf. I have and it’s no fun. This is a potential problem early in the morning or late in the evening.When placing the pin down, be aware of the ball location and do not place the pin in the sight line of a player.How about placing the Pin behind a persons ball mark or back line, say 8 feet behind and laying it 90 degrees towards the hole? Don’t ever walk away angry or raging because you didn’t win.

It brings civility to the game of kings, unmatched in the sporting world.

I like the gentlemanly aspect of interacting with other players at a mature level.

That’s called the putting line and it’s very unacceptable to walk on it. There is probably a very small chance that your step will actually mess up someone’s shot, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.Golf has a lot of rules. Take note if you hear them complaining about someone or a certain behavior on the course. Etiquette, especially on the green, is a guiding principle.View jim-burton-omm-cd1-a4141b8b’s profile on LinkedInCopyright © The Grateful Golfer 2012-2020I agree. Golf is a game for ladies and gentlemen where courtesy and golf etiquette should always be observed. Learn The Rules Of Basic Golf Manners. Being in the military, I brief all the young players before we play that removing your hat and shaking hands at the end of a match is critical and a must do!

To make sure you’re not behaving like a schmuck, here are 13 rules of good golf etiquette.Fowler Shares Tiger’s Spotlight with a Sunday 61 and the Win at HeroGood golf etiquette is about respecting other players and the course, and being aware of how your actions affect both. You won’t always be adhering to this rule, but you need to check. Thanks Want to learn more about golf etiquette or our golf club memberships?

Behind the player, out of their sight line to the hole.Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.One of my playing partners insists on having other players mark their balls on the green if they are closer to the hole than he is, regardless of their location or potential to interfere with his line. Leaving divots unfilled takes away from the look of a course, it shows a lack of consideration for the course and other golfers, and it can mess up shots if you ball ends up in one.We're on a mission to grow the game of golf!

Etiquette is very important to golf. Email check failed, please try again The PGA has outlined some My Top 5 Rules of Golf That Are Not Rules | The Grateful GolferInteresting Things That Happens On the Golf CourseView UC-GUWKTGMykBl1V98mBIK7w’s profile on YouTubeView thegratefulgolfer’s profile on FacebookView 117249355041006813681’s profile on Google+Thanks to my friend Jean for helping with the photo shoot. I understand golf courtesy, but this seems to go beyond the call of duty.Thanks for leaving a comment. People can get hurt, seriously hurt.Ever walked a course that looked like it was just bombed?

A lot.

Took notes. You better not. More than you’ll probably ever be able to know. The pin was placed away from the player, but is still in the sight line. The easiest way to find out if people are following the rule is to sit back and watch or, if you don’t mind speaking up, just ask.Raking when you’re finished in a bunker shows respect to other people on the course – it’s an acknowledgement that you don’t want to make their round (or their recovery shot) any harder than they already are.If you’re ball is drifting (or rocketing) towards other players yell, “Fore!” Don’t be shy.Okay, I know you don’t like being in the bunker. It’s also amazingly inconsiderate.I know I just told you to be quiet and not distract other golfers.

Get our newsletter for daily updatesAnother great way to learn the rules – both of the game and of etiquette – is to It’s called “honors,” and it’s an important part of golf etiquette.