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She was gentle, kind, intuitive, and knew how to draw out beauty incredibly. Plant daylilies in early spring or early fall. 504 441 135. Daylilies also like well-drained, rich, slightly acidic soil, so stick to plants that like the same. 70 52 2. Wow, the photos are beautiful. It is helpful to see them up close to help me chose which ones i want.Thank you for iding all these, will save it for future reference.Wow, at last daylily photos with the most true colour I have ever seen, very natural as you would see them in the daylily bed!

She was affordable and flexible. Fantastic collection. The lowest buds on the stem will open first and the remaining buds will open sequentially through to the topmost buds. What to Plant with Daylily.

4 1 4. 24 15 10. You have captured their true colors, too, which I found useful in identifying daylilies when I've lost their name tags. 99% of these photos were taken within my daylily gardens which currently comprise 300+ different cultivars. Avoid planting daylilies under trees, as the shade will stunt their growth and the tree roots will get in the way of the lilies’ own extensive root system. do you have a cataloge that you can send me plssai found photos of many daylilies that i have been searching for.enjoyed the animal pics too.great job This is a huge and wonderful floral gallery, Charlie! Thanks for sharingYour pictures have helped me so much to identify many of my day lilies that I have transplanted from my mothers fabulous day lily garden. Beautiful varieties, so pleasant to look at. Member of TheGardenSite.comWhen you buy continuous blooming daylilies from Breck's it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Thank you so much for posting these! Growing near the water Brilliant Flowering Orange Daylilies in a Lily Garden. Let's say that I occasionally play around with hybridizing but not seriously. Further drama was added by framing all of the long curving daylily beds with green grass, a complementary color to the daylilies. Zones: 3-9. Both it and your website are an Absolute Treasure!How gorgeous are these?? 55 44 12. Although drought tolerant, for best results keep well watered during dry spells.Frank Smith Daylilies is the daylily garden of hybridizer Frank Smith of Apopka, Florida. Does anyine know whrre I csn buy a Zarahemla daylily?A beautiful collection. Sandra L.Your pictures are just lovely especially at this time of year. THE COLOR IN THE PHOTOS ARE THE SAME AS THE DAYLILLY BECAUSE I HAVE SEVERAL IN MY GARDEN. See more ideas about Daylilies, Day lilies, Plants. PICTURES OF ALL SPRINGWOOD INTRODUCTIONS PDF . Flower size: 4 1/2 inches. Daylily.

You captured their glorious beauty. Lily Red Blossom Bloom See more ideas about Daylilies, Day lilies, Plants. Keep adding pics!Fantastic..What a job you have..just in deadheads....We have several growers in this area and I have a few photos on my site. I have a flower in my garden which I think is a day lily because it flowers for one day then dies. True lilies are popular cut flowers. The details you have captured of each lily is so fantastic. 415 354 121.

They were magazine worthy. Thank you for the great photos. Just upload the photo to your comments and I’ll include it in my gallery with a shout out to you. Lily Red Blossom Bloom. your sur name?Gorgeous collection, thanks for sharing. 1,530 daylilies stock photos are available royalty-free. I think I moved over 400 plants. DAYLILY NAMES – Producing beautiful plants with inspiring names is the reason Karol started hybridizing. wide (18 cm), rich red velvety flowers with a contrasting golden-yellow throat. Lily Flower Daylily. What a lovely display of colors. It makes me drool - I want more.