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FU Hollywood and FU to anyone who thinks this is okay.Mickey has been cobboled together from so many different parts, he has evolved beyond race.*if it aint't white it ain't right folks!© 2006-2020 First Showing® LLC. Along with this and The Last Airbender it proves that asian actors haven't made any progress at all.Alexander the Great is the symbol of ancient Greece, but he was portayed by an Irish actor!

Damn! Weathered. Of his descendents only Kublai Khan looked significantly 'Asian' in the modern sense, which was why he was appointed the Il-Khan of the Qin. Apparently White actors can play any race. The ugly droplets you see with light hair and light eyes in your country are descendants of the Tocharians. This was the Chinese picture of him, but we don´t know how his actual features were. Man...what's next? Idris Elba is playing Heimdall in Thor so thats not a big issue cause first of his not playing the main character Thor his play a supporting character in comicbook/fantasy movies most or every comicbook movies supporting roles been playing by someone of a different race. Blued eyed, with a bushy reddish blonde beard." Milius is Jewish. Idris Elba-Thor...Yes, Roderick, I'm going to go fuck myself because you suck at arguing.

Rourke riding horses and fighting with swords? Hopefully Mickey tapes his eyes. You are right gengis khan did have blue eyes and blonde hair according to all Chinese chronicles.

John Frederick Milius (/ ˈ m ɪ l i ə s /; born April 11, 1944) is an American screenwriter, director, and producer of motion pictures.He was a writer for the first two Dirty Harry films, received an Academy Award nomination as screenwriter of Apocalypse Now, and wrote and directed The Wind and the Lion, Conan the Barbarian, and Red Dawn. Yet he was still standing proud as of Wednesday, the same John Milius. (Those boards hanging in his Culver City office weren’t just wall art.) It was one of the few weaknesses that man had. I don’t really need to explain how awesome this movie could potentially be. It looks like one of the most notorious over-budget projects, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,...Your email address will not be published.After months and months of going back and forth, it seems that Will Smith has decided...Wong Kar Wai’s THE GRANDMASTER Reveals New Trailer (With A Track From RZA)The O.C. The first is a biopic of the Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan from screenwriter John Milius (Apocalypse Now).
Mickey Roarke isn't exactly Turkic, but he's a Hell of a lot closer to Chingiz in appearance than a Korean gymnast would be. When the asian/black/another non-white is a great man/woman, Hollywood mades him/her white. I don't get itHollywood is no better than the KKK.

Genghis khans decendants paternal haplogroup is C3 which means he was 100% asian. White slaves, do you even understand genetics? This is a complete slap in the face. A Genghis Khan biopic has for ages been an unrealized dream project of Milius, and the documentary Milius animates some of his battle scene storyboards. You would never see BD Wong playing Ben Franklin would you? He gets in the water, or did until his 50s. Why don't they ask Sigourney Weaver to do it! Directed by Dick Powell. He was portrayed badly because of history which was written by his enemies. "Genghis Khan & the Making of the Modern World" by Jack Weatherford But he was NOT a monster or somekind of bloodthirsty killer. Anyway, white men must be portrayed as almight in America. Keep up this racist crap, and I pray that this country fails miserably!!!!!