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Not sure if you’ve ever answered this but what did Jikook do to make you notice them possibly being more than friends? WHY? And they were shocked after finding out who it was because the members look very cool. But don’t worry, I will answer you anyways again °3°~Please, oh dear god please, stop believing that Dispatch will out or expose Jikook.

But that also got blown away with Jikook coming back clingier than before…. Discover (and save!) And that Dispatch posted something related to Jikook, which is literaly just about Jks Airport style, his bag… Wow, such an evidence to think that they will expose them, and that they are posting also about different idols, but those doesn’t matter apparently. May 2020. It’s just weird. 1st rumor: dispatch saw 2 idols on a gay date, they looked very happy.

So I’m not sure if we can expect an vlive with just Jungkook and Jimin.because i am on the tag for a specific reasonArgh!! BTS x Dispatch. The only thing that comes to my mind, was after the whole mass emailing thing from tks/anti-shippers about Jikook supposedly “queer-baiting”, and the whole Japan t-shirt drama, and that Jimin then stuck to the other members throughout 2 or so concerts. Without knowing I started to ship them.since many times I posted smth jikook related Vlive Bts Bts Vmin Bts Taehyung Bts Bangtan Boy Jikook K Pop Fanmeeting Bts Bts Dispatch Hip Hop. people who are saying they know smth are liarsAnyway there are still 2 stream they promised. 1.5M ratings And it’s not like the others have no fun around them, just alone the fact that Hobi is there.Posts about Jimin and Jk, ok. "But all unhappiness stopped, You brought *Jungkookie* to me" - Park Jimin | Always stay rational and logical  They're dating at least for 2 years now. But why is there like a post about someone talking how Namjoon became their bias on the tag?

During the song KM seemed to be singing to each other and started putting each other’s hands on each other’s necks? Now here I am…. And since I am a way too curious person, I kept an even closer eye on them and how they interacted….. “Bh being obvious again”, “They are using Jikook again to hide Taekook”, “The fanservice again” or the more Lost in this Jikook hole, which has no escape ;-; 277k ratings Но мальчик даже не подозревал какие сикреты скрывает особняк Мистера Чона...Jeon Jungkook, chefe de uma das empresas da grande marca Chanel, nunca se quer mostrou seu rosto para seus funcionários, após uma festa de máscaras ele conhecê...“#정국 #JK #Jungkook 디스패치 HD포토 #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_ON #ON #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7 @BTS_twt”Continuação da cobertura da Dispatch. Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List 「 "Jeon Jungkook y Park Jimin, ambos integrantes de la internacionalmente famosa banda: BTS, ¡podrían estar en una relación!". As an example, the one in Osaka. 2nd rr: dispatch knows a gay couple from a very popular group. Jun 30, 2020 - Explore bts pictures's board "BTS - Dispatch", followed by 1416 people on Pinterest. How can you be mad about everything they do 24/7 because your ship isn’t satisfying you?I have answered that a few times, tbh. Same with Jk.

Again, they were not alone.