italian apple varieties

Rainier Fruit Company patented it and named it after the mother of company founder Bill Zirkle. Italian Apple Cake Recipe. I’m already looking forward to the fall season!It was love at first sight when I first stepped foot in Milan, Italy, years ago, and the love affai…

The variety is available only to New York growers.Querina is a scab-resistant variety that was developed in France from American parents PRI 612-1 and Jonathan. It is managed by Better3Fruit in Belgium and distributed in Europe by Carolus Trees. Gianluca and the boys are making Maley Mont Blanc Cidre pairs wonderfully with a Straddling the French-Italian border, here were dozens of acres of long-forgotten Fast forward 75 years to a newfound respect for Cidre traditions, and you’ll find a sudden resurgence in Cidre making among the farmers and families living in the Valle d’Aosta. I love pasta with butter and cheese, particularly… During her tenure, she planned and prepared editorial content, wrote for the magazine, and managed the editorial team. And Coison de Boussy apples.

In Germany, it will be marketed under the brand name Blondy and sold through farm shops.Appeals judge upholds WSU Cosmic Crisp victory over PhytelligenceWashington Wine’s research program forging ahead with record-breaking funding.This new apple was developed at Cornell University, New York, from a cross of Braeburn and Autumn Crisp made in 1992. These were no ordinary apples. ABCz, a company established by Carolus Trees and partners, owns the rights to the variety.

Gianluca is leading the charge to bring beautiful, elegant Cidres from this remote corner of Italy to wine & cider lovers everywhere. Often, apple varieties are referred to by both a variety (cultivar) name, and a brand name, which may be a registered trademark.

The variety has also been planted in Chile.Regal Fruit International holds the worldwide propagation rights for this open-pollinated Honeycrisp offspring from Minnesota.

Maley Mont Blanc Cidre has an elegance that can only come from antique apple varieties with a gentle cider maker’s hand.Like any good Fascist leader of the time, Mussolini was a fan of supporting anything purely Italian and stamping out anything even remotely foreign. Discovered this during a discussion with La Prima Donna as to whether or not the Italians make cider. It is now a totally open variety.

You just might have to make a pilgrimmage to the Valle d’Aosta to taste this gem. The below apple varieties are available and are at the peak of season from September through October. Kiku Variety Management is coordinating the global commercialization of Crimson Snow, a chance seedling discovered by Allan McLean in Australia.

Eating Gala, Royal Gala agm: New Zealand 1970s A small to medium-sized conic apple. In some cases, the variety name is used during the growing phase, and the brand name is used for the fruit when it goes to market.Occasionally, multiple brand names are used for fruit of the same variety. and Barbelune apples. Ciao Richard — if you’re targeting Alassio along the west Ligurian riviera, I think it might be tough to find Maley ciders along that stretch of Italy. One of the most widely grown apple varieties in the world. Or, you can view articles by issue by clicking the Archives by Issue page.For example, Cosmic Crisp, Jazz, and SweeTango are the brand names for WA 38, Scifresh, and Minneiska respectively.

It is grown by a few affiliated growers.This cross of Idared x Maigold and Elstar was developed in Switzerland in 1982. Columbia Fruit Company of Wenatchee, Washington, has the U.S. commercialization license and Columbia Marketing International is the exclusive U.S. marketer.