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I will call Iinet tomorrow & post any results here.Hi Chris – thanks for taking an interest – I have just emailed toThere was mention about some ppl changing the state in the address for registration issues but yours sounds something more like a hardware issueI hear dial tone & numbers being dialled and then one ring before a series of unfamiliar bleeps & toots entertains me for as long as I care to listen. Use the provided modem or no over the last year you start to learn stuff and i suspect to had to do with the novus system but having the the old system iinet had to pass on some information to get netphone online.Iinet from memory only require basic sip register settings then your user/pass from memoryThanks Steve – that was the info that did the trick when Tplink put me onto it :)today i'm still not sure why they have not got my service on the novus system or weather that system is only for for fttc fttp fttb hfc and not fttn or weather there some kind of tech not present for me or something i'm not to know idc all the same as long at the system works and is stable for me i'm good with that..EDIT: I'd be really interested in a solution to this too, as I'd like to have a backup modem. iiNet VolP Phone Number iiNet VolP Password Proxy / Register : Host Address / URL: Domain : Domain Address : It is a sample setting, fill according to your confirmation e-mail. I have an VoIP service which ive added as a VoIP gateway. These easy, step-by-step guides will get you sorted in no time. Just a matter of the SIP server recognising the new device (at a guess).Also have found ( and probably already debated in other posts) that setting up VoIP with iiNet on the TPlink Vr600v cannot be done. One phone call can lead to a whole string of non productive calls.Should you have any further issues with your service or if there's anything else we might be able to help you with please get in touch!You could try looking to see if there are voice codex to change.Sounds like a strange one here. I find that contacting iiNet is a pleasure - this is an enormous difference as even the thought of contacting some other phone/internet companies fills me with dread and frustration. It's good that the issue with her phone has been identified, though, I'm sure they'll be able to identify and resolve the problem for her.I'm sure I had a full head of hair a week ago, but none left now...I know I am a bit late , but for what it's worth , here is TP-Link's HowTo , to set up voip using the new GUI , it has Aust examples for it , including one for iiNet.For the VR600V2 the VLANID 10 didn't work for me.Thanks Pavlov – Voip worked fine on the old Boblite but internet speed shot to pieces and modem old so Iinet suggested a new one & hubby bought the Archer after doing some research.

My needs have changed over time but iiNet has always managed to meet them with no dramas. You should be able to disable the diversion to your VoIP voicemail through your account Toolbox online: Is it dial peer issue? Although we try to be precise with the lookup location and other details regarding a certain IP or domain we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Woo hoo !! – Thank you so much Chris – Chad called and we went through the same software setup that I already had, to no effect, then he got me to check & discovered that my phones were plugged into the Phone 2 port as opposed to the Phone 1 port. To access the editable source fi...Please rate helpful content (i.e. I'm really hoping to solve the problem using this modem as it has already been purchase and THEORETICALLY a modem is a modem ?? Let me know how you go. The set web-security CLI command...How to change certificate information on CUCM using the "set...Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.You do not have permission to remove this product association.Customer Device Activation (CDA) Web Portal Account Setup In...Voice gateway can not sent call to cell phone numberDomain/realm: is the Current config for that  the config works for outbound calls perfectly but inbound just fails to connect anyone got any ideas?ill attach a debug. They can call each other fine. I have used iiNet as a service provider for over 11 years now. Will they still help you?

That'll teach me not to press refresh before replying to a thread :)Good luck, hope you get somewhere with did not want to help do to it not being a modem they supported, got really pissed when they said my modem might not be compatibleWhat type of connection do you have ?