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Choose from our extensive range of garden pots, planters, plant stands and raised beds - we have literally hundreds to chooose from and we guarantee to offer the best value prices you'll find anywhere in the UK - keep an eye out for our exclusive Ellister and Greenfingers ranges . Peacock Blue PlasticGrowing your own plants, flowers and vegetables can be a fun and exciting hobby. Pots & Planters. This planter is the perfect gardening accessory.You’ll also want to be sure that the planter has drainage holes or is made from a material you can drill into. They also make attractive additions to a yard or deck. Order now for a fast home delivery or reserve in store.

Use of this site is subject to certain Charm and simplicity combine with this Rustic Oak Resin Whiskey Barrel Planter. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.Buy 4 in. May 23, 2019 - Flower 4 Piece Plastic Plant Pot Set Home Etc Colour: Black. © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC.

Choose from stainless steel cookware, matching pots and pans or ceramic baking dishes to complete your kitchen.

May 23, 2019 - Flower 4 Piece Plastic Plant Pot Set Home Etc Colour: Black. Choose from Belle 20 in. Hanging baskets often come pre-planted and have a hook for hanging, but you can also buy a hanging basket and plant it yourself. All the products you're seeing now have the “Brand: Home Etc” filter chosen so you can choose from great products. These baskets can be heavy when filled with soil and water, so make sure you have sturdy hardware in place before you hang them. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteedSonora 22 in. If your plants are in pots over 10 inches in diameter, the best plant pots for them will usually be one or two inches bigger in diameter.These planters reflect a fun lifestyle and feature globally inspired styles that you may find in markets around the world. Dia. Our planters come in different colors, sizes and materials. It is weather-resistant and provides long-lasting style. Features include clean design lines, minimalism and environmentally-friendly materials. Home Etc Pots & Planters Shopping for pots & planters for sale online? The 3 Gal. Remember that potted plants need more fertilizer and water than plants grown in the ground. Bring terra cotta and ceramic planters inside to prevent breaking or cracking during harsh weather. Kids' Duvets, Pillows & Bedding ProtectionKen Hom Excellence Non-Stick Carbon Steel 35cm Wok with Helper HandleDunelm Essentials 28cm Aluminium Griddle PanKen Hom Classic Non-Stick Carbon Steel 31cm WokDunelm Non-Stick Hard Anodised 24cm Stock PotStay informed on what's going on at Dunelm!Dunelm Essentials 28cm Stainless Steel Frying PanSwift Non-Stick 34cm Wok with Wooden HandleDunelm Essentials Aluminium 16cm SaucepanKeep things cosy with warmer layers and softer textures >Dunelm Non-Stick Hard Anodised 20cm Steamer SetDunelm Essentials 11 Litre Stainless Steel Stock PotDunelm Essentials Aluminium 20cm SaucepanDunelm Essentials 16cm Stainless Steel SaucepanPrestige Prism Silver 5 Piece Saucepan SetDunelm Non-Stick Hard Anodised 3 Piece Pan SetInfinity Copper Base 3 Piece Saucepan SetPrestige Eco 3 Piece Non-Stick Saucepan SetDunelm Essentials Aluminium 32cm Stock PotBrowse our fabrics and book an appointmentDunelm uses cookies to improve your experience and our business.Dunelm Stainless Steel 3 Piece Saucepan SetScoville Neverstick 28cm Shallow Casserole PanDunelm Cream Cast Iron Shallow Casserole DishDunelm Essentials Aluminium 14cm Milk PanDunelm Non-Stick Hard Anodised 20cm SaucepanDunelm Orange Cast Iron Shallow Casserole DishDunelm Essentials 20cm Stainless Steel SaucepanDunelm Essentials Aluminium 32cm Frying PanDunelm Non-Stick Hard Anodised 24cm Saute PanDunelm Essentials Aluminium 20cm Frying PanDunelm Non-Stick Hard Anodised 16cm MilkpanDunelm Essentials Aluminium 28cm Frying PanDunelm Essentials 18cm Stainless Steel SaucepanDunelm Stainless Steel 6.2 Litre Stock PotDunelm Essentials Aluminium 18cm Saucepan You can display your vibrant blooms or vegetable plants in this faux-wood planter.

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3 Gal. Dia. We also have raised garden beds, planter boxes, plant and flower pots, and other garden tools. If you're using a separate saucer, choose one slightly larger than the bottom of the pot to catch excess water. Offers classic details, sumptuous furnishings and an abundance of accessories.

The Suncast Sonora resin planter will make a beautiful addition to any home or patio.

Round Java Blow Molded Resin Planter (2-Pack)