gold highlights on blonde hair

Get ready to turn some heads!

Fancy something more individualistic? Put in some leave-in conditioner before pulling it up and it doubles as a treatment!Wearing too many trends at once can be…a mistake. Word to the wise: strawberry blonde is a version of red, and that can go very, very wrong without the right color and toner. It produces a dark rose gold hair that’s almost lavender as it transitions from the roots to the pink color. The golden undertones are so close to many natural colors that the pink blends right in! If you want your hair to look like it does in your head, seek out a stylist who can make your dreams come true.

The pink blends in effortlessly with the blonde and the beachy waves blend it all together for a beautiful warm color!Classic balayage highlights are anything but boring when you add a splash of pink.

It is worth it when you have hair this pretty.Transform sandy blonde into rose gold with some allover color that softens the face and makes your skin look amazing.

Use plenty of hydrating treatments and daily hair oil or serum to get that pretty shine, and try braids and buns for waves sans heat.The color and texture of the highlights are just incredible. The roots will not be forgiving so you will have to go in for touch-ups, but come on.

The highlights are just chunky enough to add some dimension but blend together just right.

The amazing thing about rose gold as a hair color is how surprisingly natural it can look. The perfect shade of pink with color that transitions evenly from root to tip. Use hair oil or shine spray to get that awesome shine.This is a really pretty way to do subtle face-framing highlights with pink color.

Choppy layers and mussed waves are a great way to show off that color!Are you more of a low-maintenance color and style type?

Just treat it like platinum blonde as far as conditioning and upkeep and your rosy locks will stay lovely week after week.There is nothing like a blunt bob. This gorgeous transformation from nearly black brunette to perfect, golden and rose-colored curls is all the proof you need.

Let’s see how diverse blonde can be!This beachy blonde simply glows with warm honey and golden tones. The rose gold is set into blonde highlights, blending in easily with the rest of the color.

Rose Gold Hair Trend. The rose gold is a nice warm, almost coppery hue that perfectly offsets the bright sandy blonde.

When you get more highly saturated color that means that the pink is brighter and bolder.

White, silver, and gray are those versatile highlights colors that can elevate any base color, even the most modest one, and make it edgy. Whether you want to dye all your hair or just add a few highlights to enrich your natural color — rose gold is exceptionally versatile. Add some heat protectant and style into those effortless waves for a rose gold look that’s easy peasy!Rose gold hair is the bold color trend of 2018, just flip through any fashion magazine and you’ll come across celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Rita Ora rocking the look. Who even cares when your hair looks this fabulous? See more ideas about Blonde hair color, Hair styles, Blonde hair. See more ideas about Hair styles, Long hair styles, Blonde highlights. It blends together absolutely perfectly and, as with most highlights, styling in waves really show off the color.This cute blunt bob has rose gold with a tiny bit more yellow than some of the other hair ideas here.

And, really, who doesn’t want to walk around with their own custom lighting? All you need is a classic bob, full color, and a little bit of moxie. Expect a few hours in the salon (yes, the salon, do not try this at home) to achieve this and schedule your follow up appointment on site. Blending into the roots balayage softens the grow out really well.

Amazing! This style is great because you could also tuck away your rose gold as needed with a simple twist or bun.Skip the lowlights and go pink instead! You can get a little bolder by upping the intensity of the color and placement, but the bottom line is that it’s gorgeous and can look almost like the color your mama gave you.Swap out your everyday platinum highlights for rose gold to get this easy, effortless style. A colorist who specializes in balayage can deliver this kind of unique hair color.We’re suckers for big, glamorous waves and this style certainly does not disappoint.

If you do go with permanent color, be prepared for regular touch-ups or to replace the pink when the roots begin to show.If you have rich, warm blonde like this, mixing in rose gold with your standard dose of sunny highlights will make the color even more luscious.