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I Have Extensively Researched What ‘FIOFMU’ Means For All You ‘Cheer’ Fans — ???????????????????????? While it looks like these close knit athletes are not about to share their secret code anytime soon, Urban Dictionary states that FIOFMU means, "Fight it out, f--k 'em up." Netflix's docuseries Cheer is available to stream now.

#rebellevel #FIOFMU #neweruniI think we can deduce relatively safely that “family” is part of the motto – the series definitely highlights the close nature of the team and the way everyone supports each other, it would make sense for there to be a spirit of family among them and as part of their wider motto.Please select at least one of the following options to continueI searched the hash tag on ig and most pics that come up featuring FIOFMU in some way (candles, sweatbands) all mention something about finally being part of the family and the replies almost always say welcome to the family.One mystery – aside from BUT HOW DID SHERBS FALL, HOW – that has been plaguing me since finishing the series is what the hell FIOFMU stands for. Learning the meaning is entirely special and is only known by Navarro Cheerleaders and Navarro Cheer alumni,” said Surely Navarro alumni aren’t this good at keeping secrets. I’ve watched it twice. Like – ok so it exists and we know it’s a motto, but we STILL NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT MEANS.LOVE LOVE LOVE that the dawgs are back in red again! I honestly could cry right now.
The term is everywhere, and yet no one explains what it means.Lexi From 'Cheer' Is Back On The Navarro Team & I Cried Bc I'm Too InvestedIn response to someone asking if anyone knew what FIOFMU stood for, user delicious922 wrote:But it’s since been deleted. #FIOFMU.This was in response to one of the MANY tweets asking the social media universe about the meaning of the term. #FIOFMU is a coded message/motto, that you learn and earn throughout the year while on the team.

It appears that the first rule of Navarro cheerleading is, you don't talk about the meaning of FIOFMU. Eagle-eyed fans have, however, copy and pasted what existed up there so we can blindly believe it if we want.“#FIOFMU is a coded message/motto, that you learn and earn throughout the year while on the team. Though, we cannot verify if that is entirely accurate. ???? Even ex-cheerleaders who would totally want attention right now in all the Cheer fuss haven’t dropped the meaning for us all.So basically you have to make the Navarro team to find out, officially, what FIOFMU stands for. At least that’s how it works for most teams.It’s emblazoned on all the cheerleaders social media posts. Those abbreviations for cheerleaders are sacred. They are so cute!!!❤️???? On their crop tops. But it doesn’t give us much, tbh. A now-deleted Urban Dictionary entry reveals that one possible definition may be “Fight it out, fuck ’em up.” But the real meaning of the phrase is far more mysterious than that. THAT SHOULD BE EASY.I am so deeply obsessed with Netflix’s cheerleading documentary Cheer, that I may need assistance in weaning myself off the show. Only team members know what it stands for. (@princess_trisha) Guess I’ll have to try out for the Navarro team after all. Fiofmu Commonly used on a lot of Navarro Cheer gear & hashtags, either means “ fight it out, fuck em up” or “faith in our family makes us” FIOFMU- Faith In Our Family Makes Us FIOFMU- Fight It Out, Fuck eM Up Urban Dictionary’s definition was “Fight it out, fuck ’em up,” which would make sense on a lot of levels – that’s a great cheerleading slogan, it’s also not something you’d want associated with Navarro College publicly, I’m sure.Otherwise everyone has remained tight lipped. If you search on Twitter (like, really search hard) you’ll find a lot of people mentioning the motto “Faith in our family makes us” or “friends instead of family make us”.Turns out, that’s because it’s kiiiind of a Navarro College secret.By signing up, you agree to Pedestrian Group's Terms of Service and consent to our Privacy Policy.But like I said, that entry has been deleted and there’s other theories circling the web too.No. COOL.