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By acquiring properties ourselves we ensure that they do not have any structural issues, are in the right neighbourhoods where rental demand is strong, and that we renovate them well upfront (as this reduces ongoing maintenance costs).-There is also a shift in property demand from large cities to smaller towns, as more people discover the benefits of working from home.This is despite the effects of Coronavirus and the worldwide recession. Prices are inflated with a single mini bedroom in a shared flat costing around £50,000 and they cannot be resold to anyone other than an another investor. Some of them may wish to come to the UK in the future and even re-sell their investment properties to buy an ‘own use’ property.NOTE: This website shows ‘own use’ properties, pictures and indicative pricing that is approximately representative of the UK property market, and these specific own use properties are NOT advertised as for sale on this website. They are not looking to immigrate into the UK immediately (although some may consider it in the future), but simply wish to grow their money securely and with the least amount of hassle. We have knowledge of the property buying process and costs involved in extensions, planning permissions and repairs, and so can advise you appropriately.

Others will simply keep these properties for long term investment and they may pass these on to their children. The same property which we sell for £60,000 here in the North West or the North East is over £300,000 in the South. This would give you options for the future. You will need to pay for the insurance after the first year (we have a very good deal for our clients whereby full landlord insurance is around £99 per house). These are tried and tested areas where there are good friendly communities with convenient retail areas and good transport. Click here for update on the UK Property MarketPrices for low cost properties away from London (under £100,000)– traditionally the best for rental yields fell from 2007 to 2010 due to worldwide financial crisis. In many cases property outside of London can offer better value with higher rental yields and most investors are no longer considering London area as it does not represent good value now.See our UK property Buying Process section that covers the UK property buying procedure and why the UK is a very secure place to purchase property for own use or for investment.These larger type H3 houses have three rooms downstairs (Lounge, Dining room and separate small kitchen) with rear yard/garden and two bedrooms  plus 3 piece bathroom. Simply click here and complete the email and enquiry form and we will arrange for one of our senior staff to call you and discuss your requirements.They will listen to you to understand your current and long term needs. The investment % returns are better on lower cost houses.After the first 3 years clients can continue with the Net Guaranteed Rent System. So any negative news could have a negative effect on London prices. “I would recommend Find UK Property without reservation, & would consider buying another property”The market price of existing houses does vary with what is included in the property, if it is renovated or not, and its underlying condition. Kim and Maria took a … Standard buy-to-let houses are better as you “own” the property yourself and future capital growth is better.This video explains the key factors to consider to determine the best investment (Buy-to-Let)  properties in the UK. All such costs will be paid by us.Many overseas buyers have links with the UK and wish to invest in the UK for a wide range of reasons (pure investment for income and growth, holiday use, university accommodation for their children. Long term, the Net Guaranteed Rate is 1% lower but the property price is likely to be higher – so you get 5% of the higher price. The free Standard Maintenance Package includes a commitment to maintain the property in a good rent-able condition at our cost. Mid UK6 Bed House in wonderful gardens with Paddocks Man Airport 60min. Many clients start with one property and in later years acquire more to build a small portfolio. Our staff have passed the relevant examinations set by the National Federation of Property Professionals. Then the gross rental yield is 8%. Investors are switching to lower cost property away from London. This also enables them to gradually build the number of properties they own by using their own savings and the rental income to re-invest in more purchases. NFoPP – National Federation of Property Professionals Award Winner amongst all UK Estate Agents in 2012.All of our properties are acquired by us first and renovated to a set standard. Whilst there are no guarantees, we expect such houses to double in value over the next 10 years.The uncertainty surrounding Brexit has slowed down the market in and near London, which is more dependent on the links with Europe. Any National of any country can buy property in the UK. The only exception to this was the period from, 2008 to 2012 when prices fell and then remained static for another 5 years. Simply click here and complete the email and enquiry form and we will arrange for one of our senior staff to call you and discuss your requirements.They will listen to you to understand your current and long term needs. Search by postcode, area and even street. We can help you buy even if you are not able to visit the UK right now as ID documents can be attested by a lawyer in your own country.Get free advice on your needs from an experienced property specialist. Otherwise consider Investment Properties above. Long term security of assets,  future pure own use for retirement, or simply to give themselves options for the future.) The lounges may be combined to form one large open-plan lounge.UK property prices have on average doubled in value every 8 to 10 years for the past 60 years. From our viewpoint mortgages makes the process cumbersome and introduce delays – so we do not accept them. Plus you are not the true owner (the bank is) and with buy-to-let mortgages you have less rights than an own use mortgage as these are unregulated.