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There are a lot of ordinary companies run by average leaders. Something interesting you had mentioned in regards to Elon Musk’s leadership style is his response email he sent out to his entire staff to show empathy and compassion for employees who hurt themselves while working for his companies. PSU (2018). They are also particularly gifted at spotting what is not working more easily than other leaders, as Musk did with the approved California High-Speed Rail system.

PSYCH 485: Leadership in work settings. Elon Musk Inc. Musk must have a great leadership skills to have amassed such an empire. He is the 39th wealthiest person in the US.Transformational leaders can come into conflict with leaders who resist change, as Musk did at PayPal. Just like we learned in style approach theory, where concern for production is similar to task behaviors, initiating structure or production orientation and concern for people is similar to relationship behaviors, consideration, and employee orientation (Williams, 2018). (2017). This ties in perfectly with Supportive Leadership, which requires a leader to attend to the well-being and needs of their subordinates and make their work as pleasant as possible (Williams, 2018). Subject: validating authentic leadership models and methods as a new addition to the study of leadership.
It's easy to forget that Musk wasn't actually the founder of Tesla, as it's so entwined with him personally now. The same concepts are being illustrated again in path-goal theory.Applying the Trait Approach to Jeff Bezos There are many other examples out there of Elon exhibiting directive and achievement-oriented leadership, but for sake of brevity in this blog post, I chose to focus on just this one example. PSU.
This sense of pride in team success has to start with the leadership. Elon appears to have understood that this situation of injured workers did not call for directive or achievement-oriented leadership, but rather supportive and participative. Copyright 2020 © The Pennsylvania State University Retrieved on 18 FEB 2018 fromWhile Elon hasn’t directly stated that he applies any one theory of leadership, his leadership behaviors across a variety of situations are neatly described by Path-Goal Theory. It seems that those who are founding new, innovative companies often have leaders that follow the path-goal theory. At a minimum, we could say that Elon understands how the tasks of his subordinates need to be designed efficiently and safely, which Path-Goal Theory calls “the design of the follower’s task” (Northouse, 2016, p. 119). He went on to design and propose his own Hyperloop, using a dozen engineers from SpaceX and Tesla, a system which he says will take people 350 miles “from Sylmar (a northern district of Los Angeles) to Hayward (east of San Francisco) and would theoretically allow commuters to travel between the cities in 35 minutes or less, providing a shorter traveling time than even a commercial airplane can currently provide.”Yet the amazing vision and drive that make up the leadership style of Elon Musk sometimes mean that “an engineer might spend nine months working 100 hours a week on something because Musk has pushed him to, and then out of nowhere Musk will change his mind and scrap the project.”In all his ventures, Musk sets the bar for the rest of the industry, whether on earth or in space. He seeks to remove the roadblocks (injuries) that are preventing his employees from achieving their goals (make vehicles), which in turn would also make their work more satisfying (less fear of injury).Haden, J.