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Better yet, the price was exactly what we would have paid at a normal restaurant. There are four little square hallways on each floor with the rooms leading off. That changed in 1952 however, with the construction of the Fairytale Forest (Sprookjesbos), which brought a number of the world’s most famous folk tales to life. I can imagine the park’s designers, when embarking on a new project, asking themselves not “What would Anton do?” but “How would Anton do it?”, which is a far more useful question, frankly.Not that there aren’t plenty of other family rides on offer, of course. The next land you enter in the park is Ruigrijk, the adventure realm. Palais Des Mirages. Food in the park ranges from twisted taters to pancakes to salads. Next door is the 3D cinema too. I like the fairytale-themed play area, kids do enjoy such places.I love the Efteling so much! It’s a ride system that’s become pretty commonplace in theme parks around the world over the past 20 years (if you’ve ridden Hex at Alton Towers, you know what to expect), but only because Villa Volta nailed the concept first. It’s welcoming and understated — fun, without being distracting.So it was both a surprise and a delight to have those expectations completely overturned by Efteling.For more insight into Efteling, be sure to check out But a theme park is nothing without its attractions, so how does Efteling stack up? !Getting Children To Learn, The Natural Way!There is plenty of parking at the hotel which is free if you are staying there. Useful 3. Our visit took on the playful feel of a treasure hunt, as we tracked down one tale after another, and I was impressed by the huge variety of techniques used in the displays. It has an interesting layout. Thank you for the reviewEfteling Theme Park with a 3 & 7 year oldThe best place for crabbing in West SussexWhat a wonderful hotel, with lots of different things for the kids.When we visited Efteling many years ago there was no hotel there but this looks really amazing. Review of: Efteling Theme Park Entrance Ticket We spent 4 days and stayed in Bosrijk.

We found some UK channels plus there were a number of kids programmes which centred around the characters in the theme park.

Much like Disney, everything inside has a theme and quite memorable.I must admit I didn’t quite believe her. The pancakes are freshly made to order and the restaurant offers a variety of both sweet and savoury pancakes. But there is one surprising oversight — with the exception of a small Bobsleigh Coaster, there’s nothing that doesn’t require a fairly steep height restriction, which meant my eldest boy (who’s nearly five) couldn’t ride anything more thrilling than the Polka Marina — a fun but unexceptional fairground-style flat ride. We stayed 2 nights at theOther on site accommodation options include: Although arriving back at the hotel on our first night they looked extremely popular.Such a nice hotel, perfect for kids. It looks like they thought of everything to the last detail!What a fabulous trip! I love how there’s so many things for the kids to do there.Such a cute hotel and holiday idea for people with children. It’s also nice that to the park there is only a 5 minutes walk.Looks like a great place to stay at. A great place to stroll around and get your creative mind going for sure.The story-telling tree – Photo courtesy of EftelingThere are plenty of low-key rides such as several carousels, a classic car ride, steam train, a miniature world (similar to ‘A Small World’ in Disney) pedal trains, gondola rides, a mono-rail as well as playgrounds and an adventure maze.A recent app feature includes the ability to book a time slot for the popular Python steel roller coaster with a double loop. The animation of many of the figures is pretty basic, but when they’re all moving together in such numbers you hardly notice.
If you are travelling as part of a larger family then its good to know there are plenty of options available.

Thank you for having us Efteling without doubt we will be back.I’ve never heard of Efteling Hotel before but it looks like a place my family would love!

Very thoughtful – love that.10 Sandpit Activities to try with Preschoolershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywCbsRZr-xEReview MAOAMs Hub of Mischief for Conquering BoredomMy daughter is desperate to visit here, it’s her number one spot on her bucket list There is a wide selection of juices, smoothies and milkshakes. But with plenty of service stations on route, clear motorways and no toll roads its very straightforward.Oh love the look of this hotel!

With two young children in tow, it was always going to feature heavily in our trip, but I hadn’t expected to enjoy it half as much as I did. They are all linked to fairytales and it really gets you in the mood to explore the Fairytale Forest within the theme park.This looks like such a fabulous hotel. The last few interior scenes add the twist of a few physical thrills, but sacrifice much of the atmosphere and detail in the process, while the final, outdoor section of the ride is an unthemed steel coaster.