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CON: Q, AE-L, and some touch screen 'flick' commands too easy to activate, especially with camera swinging on neck while hiking up-hill or on stairs (most of what happens in these countries :^} I'd pull the camera up for a shot and have some obscure menu on screen / finder and have to figure out how to get back to shooting mode without disturbing menu choices I had made as my "default". … Corrected: Morris's X-T3 Birds In Flight Setup Fujifilm needs to make up its mind whether the X-E3 is supposed to be a serious photographic tool or a tarted up iPhone, as once we remove buttons in favour of a touch screen, we're using an iPhone.

Same as other Fuji or different? 1 looks like Fuji is loosing it's path - E2s back side much more convenient, functional and appealing, E3 - looks like dumbed down leica/apple like oversimplified toy. Despite the fact some of those (necessary?)

I think most of us prefer the joystick on the X-E3 over the d-pad for moving AF boxes. 121 Very strange, what is stranger is that if you select X-E2s you would find it sharper with same lens, select X-A1 (result is blurry), keep doing this for other manufacturers using the same lens i.e. They're parallel offerings, depending on whether you want an SLR-shaped or Rangefinder-style camera, hence they were both launched for $899.Putting a touch screen on an X-E camera makes it no more like an iPhone than putting buttons on an iPhone. Sony's new HVL-F28RM flash uses camera face detection for better portraitsWell I disagree. On a related note, the (almost identical feature-wise) X-T20 has a touchscreen and directional buttons. Oct 27, 2018 How is it a leap forward from previous cameras?This camera does not even have four wheel drive. Welcome to the Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Forum, the place to discuss large sensor Fujifilm cameras, such as the X-H1, X-T2 and X100F. 27 15 min ago There are somethings such as the positioning of the Q button that cannot be made right. 77 Apr 24, 2019 permalink. Bit dear perhaps, but add the 35/2 WR and go shoot! 54 67 It will be available in late October starting at $1799.Sony a7C initial review: Compact size, big sensor image qualityPersonally I dislike the Gold/Silver awards because they are more a reflection of how much the reviewers liked the camera than how good it is.

4 weeks ago 10 Sounds like you just wanted a price drop on an exsisting modelFirst I thought it was the lens, but for the X-A3 and X-E3 they're using the same Fujinon lens.

@ Tom Schum. It's the twigs as well as the leaves and not just the distant ones. We've also gotten some preliminary samples from the lens on a high-resolution Sony a7R IV.Mike FL, what does your response have to do with what FoxShutter said?Just a suggestion. It could be very useful for the ones who buy their first camera ever or for the ones who know nothing about other systems.

first impressions Aug 4, 2020 at 06:00. CaPi I don't know, I have a Lumix GX85 and it manages to have a very flush tilting screen which I need for my profession (food photography).
Pentax make great cameras at an attractive price, however two things:In The Netherlands you can buy a X-E3 for € 899,--. Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk.

I don't like the faux SLR format or the size. In my opinion, a better setup.pharles, you do know you can turn off the touchscreen functionality, right? Hold it up in front of your face. Petition Fuji, give us 4:3, 5:4, and 6:7 aspect ratios on X-series cameras They can produce bright light that leaves the lens, illuminates the subject and bounces back. 6 9 hours ago We're particularly interested to see this second kit, as it's a combination we particularly like.

I can memorize button locations and use them with my eye on the viewfinder. Next page