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Along with our Retail Advisor, former JustFab VP Monica Deretich, Sailthru has developed this playbook to help retailers crush Q4 and beyond.4 key strategies for out-personalizing Amazon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in UK Email Marketing Everything You Need to Know When Evaluating Personalization Technology Why in-app notifications are the new email 6 Proactive Triggered Messages and Why We Love Them As you capitalize on click-and-collect, here are six things to keep in mind throughout the entire pickup process. Best Practices, Customer Service, Libraries, Libraries and Health, Patron Services, Workplace Wellness, Worst Practices Why Curbside Pick Up … If you’re considering starting a curbside pick-up service, or you have one in place, follow these best practices for curbside success: 1.

One World Trade Center. © 2020 Coyle Hospitality Group. In speaking with restaurateurs and based on our extensive knowledge of the industry, we came up with the following six tips and best practices for successful, safe and profitable curbside pick-up:Independent Restaurants Beating Chains at Curbside
Keep diners in-the-know regarding their orders.
Practice social distancing.

However, to be successful at this new venture, your restaurant needs to plan and anticipate challenges before they arise. Best practices for curbside pick-up. View Larger Image; Beginning Monday, May 18, 2020, most storefront retail businesses are allowed to reopen for curbside/storefront pickup only. Curbside Pickup Best Practices for Retailers Jun 11, 2020 Curbside pickup was already gaining momentum for retailers and other businesses, but when COVID-19 hit, curbside pickup orders rose by 208% in just the first 20 days of April. Rules and shopper expectations vary by location, so be sure to tap into local expertise. Don’t touch your face.

1. Make sure any necessary, and plastic-wrapped, utensils are provided, along with napkins.It’s inevitable: families will be stuck at home with limited access to fresh produce (if quarantines/shelter-at-home orders are implemented) and the eventual depletion of their stock of canned goods and frozen pizzas.

Be sure to have the phone available at all times When receiving a call, make sure employees ask for clear instructions (i.e. And Business Not As Usual: 14 Email Marketing Tactics to Test NowLast year, 11% of online purchases were picked up in brick-and-mortar stores. Choose the method that works best for you and your diners but ensure that a designated procedure is in place and that it is followed 100% of the time.In order to best obey the rules of social distancing, require payment over the phone so that no cash or credit cards need to be passed between your staff and the diners.

Have your team upsell diners with add-ons like frozen quarts of sauce and soup, unbaked pizza, cookie dough, etc.When it comes to the actual act of picking up food, establish stringent handoff procedures. Meet at the side door on Park Street) Create signage indicating where the pickup area is at your restaurant (ex. Let us know your experiences on Deliver a Safe Social Experience for Senior Residents How to Manage Employee Health and Safety Check out these tips to make your curbside service a success:Want to receive the latest Butterball recipes, products, insights and more? Even small touches like labeling parking spaces in creative (but clear) ways and using on-brand packaging can make the pickup experience a little more enjoyable.

Curbside pickup best practices. 7 Tips for Creating the Best Curbside Pickup Experience As with any new offering to your store, you should only add curbside delivery if you’re prepared to do it right. If you're starting a curbside delivery or pickup service for the first time, or if you're looking for ways to improve your current system, here are best practices and tips for success. When it comes to offerings, think outside the box by creating family meals as dining options (large format meats, multiple sides, vats of soup) or larger sized servings to allow for leftovers. Self-isolate.

That way you’ll know which orders will need to be brought outas customers and drivers will call that phone number upon arrival.With curbside pickup, your restaurant can allow customers and delivery drivers to have their orders brought out to them so they’re not entering your restaurant.If you have a designated curbside pickup zone, please add details.Ensure employees are wearing personal protective gear to keep themselves and the food safe. Curbside pickup can drive traffic without incurring additional expenses like partnering with third-party services, making it a valuable way to reach off-premise diners. Meet at the side door on Park Street)Add an on-site phone number. Count your Curbside Interactions and Other Responsive Actions If your library starts curbside pickup of materials in the coming days or weeks, you are encouraged to count those interactions. Think of curbside pickup as more than just a way to make a … It also provides customers with much-wanted convenience, from receiving their orders without leaving their cars to minimizing wait times. 1. Provide Experiences . And to guide customers to your pickup location, you can add branded signs around your parking lot with arrows and instructions. Today in order to survive and feed customers, restaurants have moved to curbside pickup, delivery and drive-thru for food service.