bts kissing on lips

BTS Reaction to Finding Out That Your Neck Is Sensitive literal-ktrash asked: Hi! He’d find himself biting his own bottom lip, already missing the feeling of you biting it.A/N; I combined the two because they were similar, I hope you like it! Could you do a “How they would kiss you” with BTS & EXO please? the tab should be updated with your request if it was received by about 10 pm PST on the day it was submittedthis blog is SOFIA’S BLOG, but is a group blog because Jessica does the updating of the update tabs and themethis means that tumblr messaging is broken, so please messageWouldn’t care that you had lip stick on would give you a big kiss getting the lip stick smeared on both of your faces and then giggle about it while trying to clean your lips with his finger (tae, hobi, Jin)“Bts reaction to u wanting to put lipstick on, so u apply it on them then kiss them. Actually, it can be a sign of a spiritual communication between two persons. ^-^ When he felt your teeth tug his lower lip, he’d deepen the kiss, taking control and biting your lower lip. His lips would be quick to attack your own, not giving you a chance to say anything. 277k ratings :) Rapmonster. When he pulls back it's only seconds before he dives back for more. When you kiss someone’s lips in a dream, it can mean that you have secured an agreement. Plush and pink, but it just makes the kiss better. One moment he was just staring at you, the next moment the two of your were kissing deeply, your … “Ok that’s enough. Like Jimin, he’d be turned on by the action, his hands tightening on your waist when you bit his lip. Feel free to send in requests! When he sees you pout a little he would kiss you anyway but wipe his lips ridiculously fast before others see his now red lips. I think RM is the deep kisser type who’d first give you a lot of tight hugs and act nice & cute, then he’d make you sit on the sofa and then make you put your arms around his neck whilst his are around your waist & then kiss you....he’s also the type that’d wrap his arms around you from behind while you’re focused on something else & give some pecks around your neck & then rest his head on your shoulder.I see Jhope as someone who’d always feel the need to prove to you how much he loves you....& he’s a very passionate person that puts a lot of time in anything he loves doing so therefore he’d want every kiss to be special & wouldn’t be those short ones. 277k ratings (I’m dying already)To me Jin is a very calm & caring person and that’s why I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s someone that’d gradually put his arms around you but very firmly & kiss your forehead followed by your cheeks, & then from there to your lips but just give you a couple of light pecks (he’d also love kissing your hands just like a prince would do). It was so CUTE! David Beckham has received a lot of flak for kissing his daughter Harper on the lips. Slowly he’d begin to lead you to the bedroom, never once letting his lips leave yours. Yoongi would be a little surprised at the action from you since he was always the one to bite your lower lip, but that didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it, he really did.

He asks, inches from you. Namjoon would be the one to initiate the kiss as soon as he walked through the door of your shared apartment, pulling your body flush against his own. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Bts Kiss animated GIFs to your conversations. :) Namjoon: OMG THIS BOY, so I pretty much we can all agree that Namjoon is dominate af but he is also a cute dork that needs love..