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Press the mixture with a metal spatula and divide it … 8. Thanks for joining me on the journey to Own the Grill. Brisket makes a flavorful accent to nutritious These take less than a minute to put together and deliver incredible flavor.Brisket is a tasty entree on its own, or between a bun for a sandwich too. Registered dietician, teacher, and award-winning cookbook author who has been exploring Jewish cuisine for almost 20 years.

Other than your leftover brisket, all you need are basic ingredients that are probably already in your pantry – potatoes, onions, and eggs. Grab a tortilla and smear refried beans as a base layer. Then we wrap up 8 to 10 ounce packets of brisket …

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It’s one of the holy grails of BBQ.These make me hungry just looking at them! Meat: Instead of brisket, you can make this chili with 2 pounds ground beef (or ground turkey), browned with the onion mixture.You could also make this with leftover Roast Turkey during the holidays. Barbecued brisketis not only a beautiful and ridiculously delicious thing to have, but the leftovers are amazing. But let's face it, even a "small" brisket typically weighs 2 1/2 to 3 pounds, so there are invariably leftovers. Want more recipe guidance (or a heartier, more pizza-like experience)?

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You must remember to reheat brisket leftovers to 165°F to prevent food poisoning.

For thoseSome time ago I had Shepherd's Pie that was made with shredded rather than minced lamb.

Smoking a Brisket Fat Side up vs.

Breakfast hash takes on a whole new dimension when you make it with barbecued brisket.

This simple recipe uses leftover brisket, colorful veggies and creamy cheese. Leftover brisket; Hash browns; Shredded cheese; BBQ sauce, salsa, or hot sauce – whichever you like best; This one is simple too. Sandwiches Use thinly-sliced beef brisket just like you would use roast beef in a sandwich. 8 Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Brisket The best game day snack! Have a brisket taco recipe that you want to share?

And we added a few other options for leftover brisket we love.

Serve and enjoy!Picanha Steak – What Is It, Our Recipe, and The 3 Best Ways to Cook ItI’m going to let all of you in on a little secret. - two –ticrta. Need inspiration? Simply pull the leftover brisket meat apart (or cut it into chunks) and add it to beef broth along with cooked vegetables. And no, it doesn’t mean that you did a bad job. … A smoky brisket that hubbyThey do things BIG in Texas.

Pizza It is LEGIT! Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi vs SmokePro Pellet Grills – What’s the Difference?Leftover brisket tacos are a great way to make the most out of your extra BBQ. Homemade Brisket Nachos are the perfect party food. Then add eggs, top with leftover brisket, hash browns, and shredded cheese.

These are not only gorgeous, but probably the most flavorful bruschetta a BBQ lover could ask for.

Here are some ideas from the Chowhound Home Cookingdiscussion board on what to do with leftover smoked brisket, well worth bringing out of the archives.

This will make for the perfect Friday night! Here’s what you need:This recipe works great with both corn and flour tortillas.Personally, I like to warm my tortillas before constructing the tacos too. I love doing a roast shoulder of lamb and I thought let's give it a go with the leftover meat. 14 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Pulled Pork

), and brisket in a skillet.