best cities on the east coast to raise a family

My cousin won't move there b/c she couldn't deal w/the bible thumpers and rednecks. If you want to consider some areas that are lower cost but a little more isolated than I would seriously consider Blacksburg, VA and Wilmington, NC depending on whether you are into the mountains or the coast.Besides I have been told that there are still some bible thumpers and rednecks that haven't been run off yet. Families move often and for various reasons.

Lots of mosquitoes. If your family is on the West Coast however, keep in mind that you will be making a tremendous family life sacrifice living on the other side of the country.We are currently living in the Hampton Roads area and have been pleased with the schools, beaches, and recreational opportunitites. "I fail to see how rednecks are "staunchly conservative" other than who they vote for. Located on it's own little private peninsula, off the East Coast of the Sunshine State, Key Biscayne scored the highest on our snackability scale: a big 'ol 10/10. Read on to see which cities topped the CreditDonkey list for the best Florida cities to raise a family. Since we knew we'd always want to spend significant time in both places, it basically came down to the fact that, for now, we'd rather live here and travel to there a few times a year than the other way around. As someone who grew up in coastal Connecticut and vacationed up and down the east coast my entire life (and has now lived in SoCal near the beach for 7-8 yrs), I can tell you there is no comparison in terms of climate. Any ideas?Stock prices, values, and return forecasts (better than 2009, in some cases)TOTALLY OT: FLL - anyone here have kids in FLL?

The Atlanta suburb of Johns Creek tops our list of best east coast cities for families, with great scores for safety, affordability, and child friendliness; nearby Roswell, GA also makes the list at #8. It is ridiculously beautiful. The people are extremely well educated and interesting. wait to refi now that we know rates wont go up?‹ OT: your favorite websites? My other cousin is in MB and she likes it.
I personally think staying toward the middle of the coast is your best bet due to the somewhat more moderate weather and great college town options. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.This past week Temecula was labeled by the LA Times as "staunchly conservative. To see full results for over 500 cities, please see our At Apartment List, we know that searching for a home is tough, and the decision can be even more complicated for families than it is for singles. 13 like protection.

I've also heard that Virginia Beach is nice and a good place to raise kids, although you get a little less for your money there.What's good for kids? Best & Worst Places to Raise a Family. South Carolina is still on the East Coast. Plus she loves the seasons and won't give up the snow. However there are usually lots of good private schools.I like the beaches on the east coast better than the west coast - during the summer the water is generally warmer.Also, we were pretty burnt out on the go-go-go work life of NYC, which can definitely take its toll. And, believe me, having grown up there, for most people, the comfortable suburb outside NYC ends up being your own little bubble, with most families taking forays into the city for shows or various special occasions, always meaning to go in more often but somehow never getting around to it. I personally think staying toward the middle of the coast is your best bet due to the somewhat more moderate weather and great college town options. The two cream of the crop college towns are Chapel Hill, NC and Charlottesville, VA. Do you know? John S Kiernan, Managing Editor Jul 23, 2019 . The other downside is that the property taxes are pretty high (I think around 1.7-1.8%) and they are based on market values with no prop. Can get a little cold in the winter, but not like northeast. At the very least, you'll want to take an extended vacation there, especially in the summer months, to see how it feels.
Most adults work in the city, but then commute back home to the suburbs.While I am not a Carolina guy, I have heard Wilmington is nice though not exactly a beach town. She's young and I'm surprised she likes MB. Perhaps, Columbus, Ohio. As always, best to go first and check it out, then rent and get a feel for what it's like to actually live there.Virginia Beach is quite nice, it's part of the area known as Hampton Roads - it's about 3 hours south of DC at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.Lower Slower Delaware isn't bad, but mostly summer resort towns and still pretty cold in the winter.In economic wherewithal and the debts they took on to buy those scucco boxes, they are just an extended layoff away from welfare.A comfortable suburb with a good school outside of New York City would be best for kids, IMHO.Funny you say that because that's just where we moved from, and we've chosen to raise our kids here...not because we have some sort of strong philosophical preference for the west coast, but because we found this area to be a very comfortable, fun, outdoorsy place to be. Not sure if you want to go south.