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Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below.While there are indeed "a certain amount of dead pixels that are acceptable" with a TV, he noted that the issue "does not come up often" with the TVs sold by Abt. Keep in mind that extended warranties tend to pick up the slack for manufacturer's warranties, and they're a lot more customer-focused than a typical manufacturer's warranty. And so on.In general, a TV manufacturer's warranty covers manufacturer defects for only one year. Forget what your friends tell you. If you have bought such a plan, did you need to use it? Richard's plans for that Samsung TV were a lot cheaper than those sold by Sears, its plans were also Should you buy the retailer protection plan for a big-screen TV? Will your TV be used in a college dorm room? 10 Companies that Will Insure Your iPhoneHow to Find Out If You Can Upgrade Your iPhone If that weren't the case, it wouldn't be profitable for retailers to even sell those protection plans.Many consumers won't buy a retailer's protection plan under any circumstances.

But if you plan on using it how most would, just sitting on a desk at home, then it's probably not worth it.

When you add a computer or tablet to your shopping cart, a small window will pop up. Some extended warranties, such as All About the iPhone Warranty and AppleCare Others believe it's a worthless product sold only to raise profits while only appearing to provide value. There may be a huge difference between what you think the extended warranty In some cases, it also covers at least some of what the manufacturer will not cover even during the first year.Best Media Streamers for 2020, Streaming Media Boxes and SticksUnder its Geek Squad Protection Plan, Best Buy's screen coverage "includes pixel damages"; so, if a customer who bought the plan experiences such a problem during the coverage period, Best Buy "would provide a new panel or a new TV," the company said in response to my query.When it comes to TVs and retail protection plans, the three main questions to ask are: 1) What does the plan offer that the manufacturer's warranty doesn't? Always read the extended warranty terms and conditions.

An extended warranty for a $499 television could have a different purchase price than a warranty for a TV that costs $500, even though both extended warranties are identical in coverage. If the store doesn't sell extended warranties or if you don't trust the company selling the extended warranty, you can turn to the internet to meet your extended warranty needs. 3-year: $124.99; 5-year: $199.99 When buying a TV that cheap, you may decide that you'll just buy a new one if something goes wrong with it after a year.There are two other issues you may want to consider before buying that TV: First, if the model you want is available at Costco and you're a member there, you'll get Samsung's dead pixel policy, however, is not nearly as clear, suggesting that dead pixels may be covered or not, depending on factors including how many of them there are and where they are located on the display. If that's the case, you will largely be at the mercy of the manufacturer's warranty if you don't get the retail protection plan.

I reached out to several TV manufacturers to ask about their TV warranty plans, and they did not respond to my request for a comment on the subject. Only you can decide if you should buy an extended warranty. Don’t assume that one price covers all. Accordingly, it’s doubly important to pay attention to where the price breaks are for extended warranties. You should be able to buy some sort of extended warranty or TV service plan anywhere TVs are sold. A new TV may cost only $800, but the panel for a three-year-old TV costs about $950 without an extended protection plan. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Or, if (like me) you use a TV more than most people and would be absolutely miserable if you could see even one dead pixel on the display.Audio Advice Lives Up to Its Name with New Home Theater Designer ToolNevertheless, Sasicki noted that Abt still sells TV protection plans, and he said that it makes sense for consumers to consider buying one "because of the high cost of repair and parts." Why not just start the extended warranty after the manufacturer's warranty expires? This is an unfortunate side effect of warranties that are based on price ranges (for example, $500–1,000). If you're at Sears (and it happens to be one of the few locations that still sells TVs), it's the Sears In-Home Master Protection Agreement.