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Description: BEN QUILTY, born 1973, CRASH PAINTING, 2010, oil on canvas SIGNED: signed, dated and inscribed with title verso: Ben Quilty / 2010 / Crash / painting DIMENSIONS: 140.0 x 190.0 cm PROVENANCE: GRANTPIRRIE, Sydney Private collection, Sydney Proceeds from the sale of this work will go to support the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ Sydney Modern Capital Campaign. Of course I know they are abstract, but they go beyond abstraction; they are as far as you can go with regards to the act of painting, and I am so drawn to them.Sun Xun Illustrates Declaration of Independence for Asia Society TriennialScan the QR Code via WeChat to follow Ocula's official account.Ben Quilty is a prominent Australian artist.

The survey show, All these abilities have been on display during his trusteeship at the AGNSW where he is believed to wield a disproportionate influence. I really wanted each painting to work as a painting in its own right, but also collectively so as to form a kind of animation that dynamically links concept with form. There are certainly areas in which he has invited criticism, such as his efforts to "revitalise" the Archibald Prize, but there's a good deal of spite and envy involved.It's often said that having a lot of enemies must mean you're doing something right. When Ben Quilty duxed Year 11 art (the same year his careers advisor told him not to go to art school), he was presented with a book about Australian landscape painting — and he saw Henry James Johnstone's iconic 1880 painting Evening Shadows, Backwater of the Murray, South Australia. It’s certainly unusual for a painter of his age to have an exhibition of this size and scale mounted of his work. Simply click the link and enter your new password to complete this process.Over the last few years, the Nigerian-American artist has created a body of figurative drawings in charcoal and pastel that now hang on the museum's curved wall, amidst an unsettling immersive soundscape by Peter Adjaye.

This hasn't put the brakes on his glorious ascent but neither has it left him unscarred. He also portrays his interpretation of the ^More on Quilty's "Rorschach" style in a future post.For those of you interested in the Australian Impressionist John Russell here is an excellent article on Russell written by Sarah Turnbull, published in Good Weekend (The Age) and available online at The Sydney Morning Herald When I see these portraits I need to borrow an expression from an article I have recently read on the English war artist Ben Quilty and His Cars: Confronting Our Passion and Our ObsessionTomorrow we are going to see some of his works that are part of his Ben Quilty: Superb Artist, Great AustralianGet the latest posts delivered right to your inboxBelow on the left is one of Quilty's "landscapes", this one done in his "Rorschach" which exploits the concept of a mirror image.^ The painting was done as a response to an early Australian painting done by H. J. Johnstone in 1880.There can be no doubt that Ben Quilty is set on a mission to challenge our thoughts and feelings about confronting issues such as mortality. Quilty may be contemporary art's version of a walking headline but he makes everyone else look like they're not trying.Ben Quilty's Self-portrait after Afghanistan, 2012. 5 (detail), 2003. And even though these massacres are quite often well recorded and people know they happened, there is never any mention of it.We have sent you an email containing a link to reset your password. Anne Newman Well, I think what happened with postmodernity, painting was killed off and it has become a subculture. Ben Quilty paints both portraits and landscapes which have become acclaimed internationally.I quote from an interview with Ben Quilty to gain a little insight into how this experience affected him.Here are some of his paintings from Afghanistan where we can see in the figures the struggles faced by service personnel in the battle arena and back home.Ben Quilty went on to win the much-coveted See all 45 posts Relatively few of these works have made it into this exhibition, which is a shame, but there is a logic in the selection.The sins and the flaws are there to behold but I can't join the ranks of the Quilty nay-sayers.