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As a disclaimer, let me say I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to net stuff. Like safety from being tracked down or something? posted 2019-Jun-14, 6:19 pm AEST Aussie Broadband. From October the 24th 2014, all residential customers will have outgoing port 25 (SMTP) blocked. XBOX, P2P gaming, PS4 users, and customers who require port forwarding may experience issues such as strict NAT errors on PS4, and the not being able to host games on their own system.

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Browse modern house plans with photos. Customers will still be able to send mail via our mail server, Hello. Aussie Broadband is committed to delivering IPv6 as soon as possible, currently we are testing the deployment of IPv6 on selected connections and we look forward to sharing more news about this deployment when it is ready to be extended.
posted 2019-Mar-28, 11:26 am AEST I know the port forwarding is generally working because the only port I can actually connect to is 8080 – the service attached to this port is fully accessible externally, for whatever reason. If you're trying to get NAT type 2 on your PS4 then the first step is going to be to set up a port forward.

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A: No, you will just have to cancel you static IP.Then I read up on the basics of "carrier grade NAT" I need to use port forwarding and the current state of my service does not allow it. I am on a HFC connection with Aussie Broadband and using a USG 3P.

I'm a home user, nothing to do with business. You won't want to. But the problem remains. posted 2019-Mar-28, 1:03 pm AEST posted 2019-Mar-28, 11:31 am AEST Unless this is an nbn-exclusive matter, in which case it goes right over my head. You shouldn't need to fork out for a static IP.Note: AussieBB's standard (non-paid-for static) IPv4s are very sticky (do no change often) so you may not even need a paid-for static IPv4 address, just opt-out of CG-GNAT.

Sounds well and good, but is that what the +$10 a month is about?Then I read up on the basics of "carrier grade NAT" that – to make a long story short – makes port forwarding incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

posted 2019-Mar-28, 11:11 am AEST How to Forward Ports to a Playstation 4. Just need to call and give a reason posted 2019-Jun-14, 6:19 pm AEST If any of you ever wanna meet me at a crossroad, I'll make sure to give you the Whirlpool discount and add an extra year to the deal. I'm new here, please be nice

I need to use port forwarding and the current state of my service does not allow it. I also have non-standard services running on 8081, 5000, 5001, and … Your Australia Broadband subscription is a prepaid service and you'll be direct debited on or around the 1st day of … posted 2019-Mar-28, 11:43 am AEST posted 2019-Jun-14, 2:08 pm AEST

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posted 2019-Mar-28, 11:16 am AEST I've been reading up on that whole "static IPs don't grow on trees" thing, but I don't understand why it would be an issue now, when I've never had such problems with every other non-nbn provider I've had so far (Adam Internet, Belong etc). With Australia Broadband, there are no setup fees, no plan change fees, no relocation fees (if you are moving to another nbn-ready area) and no worries.
Issues port forwarding (Aussie broadband & USG) Hi, I am having issues still trying to port forward. 1) Are there any advantages to having CGNAT over a static IP?As above, you can opt out for free. CG-NAT is fine for people that just surf the web, watch streaming TV etc.. I regularly use a few different software that rely on port forwarding and they've not been functioning since my switch to AussieBB last week. It can seem like an intimidating task to login to your router and create a port forwarding entry, but don't worry; we'll walk you through it. If you want remote access to your connection, or play games that require it, CG-NAT breaks those things. I've tried all possible combinations of settings, nothing works.2) If for any reason I want to switch back to CGNAT, will it be difficult to do so?