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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens / 46 % Single Highland Malt Whisky Armore har en gyldenbrun farve. Way too much peat.

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The tube description appealed to my tastes for peaty malts so that swung it.Like others before me noted, this whisky can be initially hard on the palette - very peaty and sweet at the same time (in a bad way). Its a Highland whisky on the border with Spayside. Good if you like your peat, I brought it to try however seems I prefer the sweeter whiskies! I almost always drink all my single malts neat, but tried a splash of water with this and it helped. I suggest drinking this with 2-3 ice cubes and enjoying the way it breaks apart as it dilutes and all the wonderful aromas that are released. Ardmore Tradition 1l Bottling Note Originally released for the Travel Retail market, the Ardmore Tradition is a peated single malt which is initially aged in American oak barrels before being transferred over to …

It really is unique to any Single malt I have tries. Quite a burn to it, and on certain pallets can almost tend to TCP, but the proof is in an empty glass demanding to be filled. It is very, very good FOR THE PRICE. I don't understand why you'd want to drink this when you can have all the floral delights of a speysider with bourbon or sherry finish. takes at least ten minutes just to open up and when it does, with a drop of water the peat dissipates and yes; there is plenty of caramel & oak with a touch of highland fruitiness but none of these flavours are deep or long lasting, I was drawn to this for its relative price, non-chill filtering & 46 degrees but I was disappointed, ardmores consumer research department has obviously spent a lot of money watching the whisky trends.
The Asian Spirits Masters (The Spirits Business)I am a Talisker 10 regular drinker,so I can compare this Ardmore to just this one. My favorite Scotch.Found this originally in Aldi at £25 and often at that price on offer - Easily the best value non training whisky, i.e. Big mistake.
It's plenty peaty for those who like that (I do), but young and lacking in complexity. Finish was short but sweet. Barely drinkable for me. 46% as opposed to 40%, for the money. Aromaerne er bløde og krydrede.

Great balance between smoke, peat and sweet bourbon. Tonight is my second dram and it is growing on me. To be honest, truly two parameters on the label: ABV index of 46 plus "... peat smoke notes..." Well, let's see. Nose: Dry peat, wood smoke, more smoke, and more smokeEl olor es nas fuerte que sabor. Great valueArdmore is the signature ingredient in Teacher's Highland Cream, which I have enjoyed for many years as my favorite "daily dram" budget scotch.

However, a hearty splash of water makes all the difference - Gone are the (too) sharp, in your face notes, and you're left with a smooth easy-to-drink whisky. Smooth enough that I didn't realize it was higher proof. Would buy again No spam and entirely confidential.

What a great price for a 46% Single Malt. Undrinkable.Waste of money.Just so you know, we can't actually ship to Peaty with vanilla undertones,whoever thinks this is vile should stick to putting coke in theur drinksA good humble man's dram of the type consumed by generations of crofters, shepherds and fishermen. Would buy and happily drink time and again especially when on offer. No spam and entirely confidential. No age statement and a little research suggests a vatted malt of 6 to 12 years. I be drunk water and this is still lingering on my lips. I'm a serious scotch drinker and like my single malts straight no ice or water. This is an incredibly young whisky, very raw on the nose after first pouring, probably 5-8 years old. I'd say medium peat, medium smoke. I use to drink Laphroaig which has an overwellming smokey aroma and and taste. All rights reserved.Master of Malt supports responsible drinking - Sip, don't Gulp. FWIW I think this is easily as good as Talikser 12 is these days despite the no-age statement. otherwise i wouldnt be on my 7th bottleMaybe a tad to smoked for my taste, but broke the rules and added a single ice cube that did the trick. Your sincere foreign whiskey lover, Pete from Hungary. Thank you, Scotland for your brilliant products reahing so far countries like Hungary, and thank you, Malt Masters for the perfect pea note. Ardmore 'The Green Lady' 10 Year Old (cask 13308) - Clan Denny Chronicles (Douglas Laing) Actually it is difficult to find something better for this money.Ardmore 19 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) Not one I would rush to buy again. realiable dram though. It is def the case with Ardmore.This stuff is so bad it should be illegal. Undrinkable, as others have said here, and easily the worst whisky (I have enjoyed the output of over fifty scotch distilleries)that I have ever tasted.