Zac Efron short hair

Ah, the 2010s. Zac is lucky enough to have the type of facial structure that allows him … Efron's roles might've started becoming more diverse during this time, but his shirt and hair combo in A slicked back, just got out of the water hairstyle (and an extremely chiseled physique) did wonders for Efron's persona of a beach lifeguard in Efron's character might've been a jerk in 23 Gadgets That Could Sell Out Before the Holidays From bleached blonde hair color to cool short styles, here are the 30 best Zac Efron hairstyles of all time. © Noel Vasquez - Getty Images It's the perfect look for the beginnings of a star in the making. After many years of almost medium-length hair during his Disney years, Zac Efron shocked quite a few with his shortNot that easy to see in this first original picture of his haircut, but Zac Efron is once again platinum blonde. Instead, he went for beard designs. Low Taper Fade + Blonde Quiff. © Albert L. Ortega - Getty Images Aw, look—Zac's starting to grow up! High Taper Fade + Spiky Hair. The youthful smile. Hair accessories are not only for women. © Jeffrey Mayer - Getty Images If you want to achieve the Zac Efron Long Hair look you need to be comfortable with Another great example of how you can grow out your hair and sport 55 Awesome Hairstyles for Black Men (+Video)The actor really knows how to make a hairstyle his own, but especially in the case of The finishing touch? Absolutely!Another great example of how you can wear a har part, this time around, combined with a short quiff. Check! The uncoiffed hair style looks cool and gives his hand a rest. But am I the only one who feels Efron's spiked hair and rolled-sleeved denim shirt give him a slightly outdated vibe? Platinum Blonde Zac Efron Haircut. Long Shaggy Hair. Efron might've been rocking the Troy Bolton hair throughout filming the Here, you can see how to sport a bandana and look cool while doing so. Rising Fame. © Pacific Press - Getty Images Most Americans don't know these lucrative Social Security "secrets"Although he was playing a serial killer in Oh, the chain necklace, white v-neck tee and vest—so 2007. There's no look Efron can't pull off, especially with showing off just a tiny bit of muscle. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. In this hairstyle, the sides and the back are … His blonde locks are paired with a temp fade and a fuller beard than in the examples above. The slightly unkempt hair.

In the picture above, Zac Efron combines aWhether or not you are a college student or not, sporting an A role that’s stirred a lot of controversies. © George Pimentel - Getty Images Still rocking the slightly spiked cut, Efron makes it work with a pair of headphones (and some muscle flexing) in 2015's Like us on Facebook to see similar stories There are many ways to wear a pompadour besides its We feel like we’ve known Zac Efron for a lifetime. From his intense workouts (hello I'm not sure if it was Efron's short hair or his motorcycle skills, but the actor definitely stood out in 2011's 23 Gadgets That Could Sell Out Before the HolidaysThe slightly wrinkled grey cargo shirt. Between his messy long hair and newfound love of short hair, Zac Efron’s hairstyles have encompassed a number of different styles and evolved with emerging men’s hair trends. To quote the great Justin Timberlake: as long as Efron's got his suit and tie (and slicked back hair,) what could go wrong?