Type of teaching method

EXPLICIT TEACHING. It’s especially useful when learning In this method, students try to recognize whole words in their written forms. So, you will also need to increase the challenge of books. These books have long as well as short sentences that you can read to your child. So, choose books that your child finds challenging, but not too challenging.This approach involves a shared experience such as common school experiences, excursions and everyday happenings.

In this method, every child learns different words. In this method… A child’s success not only at school but also in later life depends on this skill. Boys usually like robots and boats and girls like dolls. Without the use of pictures, this method is not very effective. 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This method is also known as sight-reading. To achieve the goal of teaching, the teacher must adopt effective teaching methods in education. Gradually he will develop strong reading skills.Often referred to as ‘look and say’ method, the whole-word approach focuses on a learner’s ability to recognize whole words. To make the teaching process more effective, use the context support method with other methods of teaching reading.Let your child learn to read at his own pace.

Then move on to books with longer sentences and then books with paragraph level text. To apply this method properly, you can buy your child phonologically written books that use regular and interesting words.Your child will gradually develop his or her reading ability. Good questions make the audience demand answers. But it can be one of the best methods of teaching reading if applied properly.