Tharg the Mighty

Aided by his loyal staff of art and script robots, he has been bestowing thrills on us since 1977 (except for that period with the Men in Blackwhich we don't talk about). Tharg. While the first Tharg (Mills) had the shortest time in the role, he has written for more progs than any of his successors (or any other writers for that matter). Edition Digital Edition. $7.49 Add to basket. of episodes 66 Tharg The Mighty is an occasional story in 2000AD. Tharg The Mighty First appearance in 2000AD Prog 24 Most recent appearance Prog 2014 No. Digital Edition. None
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– Tharg The Mighty. The Mighty Tharg is a recurrent character in science fiction comic 2000 AD , one of only two characters to appear in nearly every issue of the comic (the other being Judge Dredd).
– attached to the front cover. Tharg Mighty (thargthemighty)'s profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share. Tharg The Mighty. It contained three stories and a free gift – a ghafflebette Space Spinner! He is from the planet Quaxxann but he works at the comics publishing office on Earth. Comic Vine users. “It’s wild! By contrast, Dredd didn't appear until the second prog, in a (horribly drawn) strip concerning "Whitey" and the now dwarfed Empire State Building). Real Name: Tharg Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Betelgeusean) Occupation: Editor of the World's Greatest Comic Affiliations: Burt, Big E, Starlord, Aaln-1 Enemies: Thrill Suckers; the Dictators of Zrag Known Relatives: Marg (sister) Aliases: Tharg the Mighty Base of Operations: London, U.K. !Bizarrely, one of the comic’s most ensuring characters was You can search for Judge Dredd, Tharg the Mighty, Strontium Dog,Sláine,Harlem Heroes and Bad Company are just a small portion of 2000ad strips compiled epicly into this book.Its a brilliant way to find what you like in 2000ad (2 of my personal faves Zenith and Nikolai Dante are not featured).its a must have if yourre looking for a place to start in 2000ad. $3.99 Add to basket. of Thrills 55 No. Dennis the Menace Albion British Comics Database Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community.Quaxxan, sixth planet of the Betelgeuse systemTharg came to Earth from the world of Quaxxan (which he left because of "the exorbitant rates") to deliver the gift of thrill-power to Earthlets everywhere with his peerless publication, Marg (sister); nephews; grandmother (oldest reader of your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Print Edition. send you an email once approved. It first appeared in Prog 24 as an introduction to Tharg's Future-Shocks which would appear the following week.

Tharg came to Earth from the world of Quaxxan (which he left because of "the exorbitant rates") to deliver the gift of thrill-power to Earthlets everywhere with his peerless publication, 2000 AD. 2000 AD Shop : Tharg The Mighty 2000 AD is Britain's cult sci-fi comic, and has been at the cutting edge of contemporary pop culture since 1977.

Start-Class Comics articles of Low-importanceWhen you have finished reviewing my changes, you may follow the instructions on the template below to fix any issues with the URLs. It’s your future!” In the last week of February 1977, the first zarjaz issue of 2000AD was unleashed on an unsuspecting planet.

It’s sensational! Alan Class Publishing Rosette of Sirius implanted in his forehead, a sub-space communicator which can emit subsonic modulations.Occasionally let down by his incompetent Rumours that Tharg was originally a human named Ironically, another sci-fi comic released in 1978: Avengers: Endgame – The Bradscribe ReviewDon't forget to Like Bradscribe on Facebook!The Kinks – Supersonic Rocket Ship: MARVEL Music MondayA Zarjaz 40 Years! Tharg the Mighty

Tharg The Mighty.

Tharg was indeed in the first prog, appearing in a (rather scary) story in which he disintegrated someone (who I think was a fleeing droid). 21st November 2018. A Day in the Life of the Mighty Tharg 1 episode (Prog 129) Script: Tharg the Mighty, Artist: Carlos Ezquerra Reprinted The Best of 2000AD 63. Tharg the Mighty's Database was a sticker album given away free with 2000 AD prog 752 (12th October 1991) into which could be placed "datachip" stickers given away with the surrounding progs. Publications accredited to: Judge Dredd Megazine 402. MOST RECENT CREDIT IN 2000AD.