Teaching Adults

In your first lesson for beginners, adults or kids, your students may not be accustomed to the Western way of schooling where students raise their hands if they don’t understand. ESL games for Classrooms: We have ideas for making lessons fun, PPT Games, Printable Games, and interactive online games for self-study.PowerPoint: For Computer Assisted Teachingvocabulary by looking at these lessons for beginners and elementary Chinese learnersThe following resources can be used in ESL Adult classes with great results. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Rather than behaving as if the classroom should be a level playing field and ignoring irregular stores of background knowledge, use them to enrich instruction. Free Video Lessons for one-to-one teaching Our ESL interactive materials include: Online Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation Quizzes, Video Slides, Fun games and more.Math eBooks to Downlaod, don't forget to look at the free math worksheets, Quizzes, Games and Videos.ESL Kids, K12, EFL resources for children. Self-directed learning does not mean isolated learning; it involves using other people as resources, subject matter experts, guides and … In a world where images are present all around us all the time, teachers can easily use photographs to motivate students and make the classroom... Join the Oxford Teachers' Club Already a member, but not receiving your newsletters? All Rights Reserved. One of the most important differences between teaching children and teaching adults is the self-concept of adult learners. Adults have the freedom to learn in their own way. To teach an adult to ride a bike, all you need is an open space, safety gear, and a little patience. Since then, over 100 million English language learners have used OALD to... The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD) was first published in 1948. Take advantage of several worksheets, games and ideas to make your teaching easier. Adult educators need to grant their students plenty of space and be there to support rather than guide. Andragogy, or the practice of teaching adults, studies the best methods and approaches for effective adult education. Many of these teaching techniques are not actually new!

Adult learners do not desire to learn about material that doesn't fit into their lives and they do not usually want their learning to be abstract either. Andragogy is about spending more time doing than learning and the quality of instruction is much more important than topic coverage. No matter how old your adult learners are or what type of life they have led thus far, every one of your students will have acquired an extensive cache of experiences that you can draw on to make the most of what everyone brings to the table. The use of technology in the classroom has simply given education a new lease of life allowing us to approach old ideas in new ways. Test your students’ English level quickly, easily and accurately.Browse and download extra practice activities to use with our materials. Visit Love Adult ESL for free teaching and professional development resources for Adult ESL teachers. Gradual Release of Responsibility Creates Independent Learners They include: printable phonics, flashcards, puzzles, video lessons, powerpoint, interactive fun games and game ideas for classrooms.puzzles, spelling, phonics, coloring, board games and more worksheets for kids here. This site will help you learn English and improve your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary knowledge. Simply sign up to join 420,000+ subscribers who have access to thousands of free ready-to-use teaching resources and regular newsletters. The time is right for them to learn. Another benefit of self-directed learning is that students can design their studies around their preferred Malcolm Knowles' Five Principles of Andragogy

Adult learners are usually mature and self-confident enough to know how they learn best, what their areas of strength and weakness are, and how to go about learning. The moments of authenticity and spontaneity that come from sharing with each other will prove to be some of the most powerful.

Your students could be coming from vastly different walks of life. The goal of adult education is to fit the needs of your students, who are more often than not opting to be there because they identified an area of need for themselves—ask and listen to them about what they want from this experience.

The following resources can be used in ESL Adult classes with great results. The gold standard teaching qualification. Reading Exercises -Printable Text Mazes, We offer PDF printables in the highest quality.They include: Crossword Puzzles, Word searches, Board Games, Flashcards and more.PPT Lessons, Flashcards, Printable Handout Worksheets, Video Slides, Games and Activities to go with the resources.Pronunciation Exercises- Self-grading pronunciation & intonation QuizzesESL Fun Interactive Games Teaching & Learning New ESL Kids Lab : Fantastic Free Resources for Kids Intermediate Level English grammar and Vocabulary self-grading quizzesFree Worksheets & Materials for Young Learners Free Printable ESL Board and Card GamesFree phonics Resources for Kindergarten and nursery school kids Teaching adults can be as much of a career as teaching children, and can be either full- or part-time.