TPG NBN review

Multiple calls made but no solution for a small issue. Worst than Centrelink.Worst Technical support avoid trouble shooting.t do the things I need to do to run my business properly. So far I'm happy with it. We look at the top ISPs and examine their NBN plan speeds and how happy their customers are. Never again for TPG or any company associated with them. March 5, 2020. Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. The problem with the NBN is simple, there too many people in the solution chain. This acquisition made TPG the second largest ISP in the country by market share – …

Regular connection issues and billing is a shamblesFirstly I've been with TPG for a long time when I started with a basic email acct and asked for three other emails not an issue,Your trust is our top concern. it sounds cheap yet the reliability, inconsistency and the dropouts are poor. The technician keeps blaming NBN and your households but I think they know the problems but do not want you to know.
Not only that but I can’...nstitutions and insurance companies and many more institutions for the past 11years approximately, this has a disastrous effect on us. They don't know the job. Live chat just keeps going in circles.

Please do not sign up because of advertising glossary which is mostly false.I am moving house in a couple of weeks. See Plans. Your customer service is very damaging to your company, ill be glad to join another provider, FYI while on the phone talking to TPG and informing TPG customer service representatives that I will go elsewhere didnt seen to worry the TPG representative i spoke to, that in itself shows how much you really care about your customers and how you treat them with contempt. No communication about installation process and requesting to reschedule appointments.I have spent the last week each afternoon on the phone with them trying to resolve the issue. CHOICE Community Dodo was the better out of the 2 but with constant bad speeds and dropouts I switched to TPG. They have lost my trust!

During high traffic, speed dropped to 1MbPS in some device; dropouts are frequent, sometimes 5 or 6 times a day. Six weeks ago, I signed onto a TPG NBN plan which came with a modem. To deliver the perfect customer experience, our team monitor network faults around the clock, with proactive notifications sent to our customers to keep them updated.
They were evasive and rude, even 'shouted' at me (caps) eventually got the answer I was after which were the specs I needed. I was very specific about this. I had vodafone serivices before the speed numbers were good on speed test but for some reason ping was way too high in the game. Do many people complain about TPG? If you’re after a great NBN deal, TPG may be able to help.

Glad I did, wont be signing up now.I have been with them for a long time; recently changed from NBN25 to NBN 50 but honestly, it was just as much as the same except paying more. Tpg also has the best customer service with dodo second. The customer service has been poor with multiple "account managers" and long periods of being on hold when contacting TPG to find out what was going has affiliate partnerships. I just want to make sure same does not happen again with my next internet provider.The reviewer stated that an incentive was offered for this reviewSpoke to live chat ('Krys') to ask questions about upload speed.

I don’t even have free to air tv installed in this property and have no entertainment on my only downtime for ages. However there is also whether customers are happy with the speed they are receiving, which we survey every few years.

Very slow internet connection. I gave TPG a deadline after multiple calls of Friday 21 Aug 20, 1130am to contact me with a resolution, its past that time and no call or resolution, that absolutely shows that your company TPG doesn't value its customers at all, therefore another internet provider will be contacting me after midday to join them.

100% of the money we make goes straight back into our  Departments that don’t talk to each other and you are just a number.Live chat quite rude, wont be signing up after reading other reviews.Consistently below average speeds, but the customer service finally made me snapExactly what happened to me... these company couldn’t give a sh*t after they sign you up.Drodouts twice... 2 weeks each and still be charged even no service was used.Suffice it to say, I am now changing providers for my new address.Now I have no internet connection again and I’m being told I’ll have to wait up to 48 hours just to find out what’s wrong. (Asked to have service cut off in two weeks and they cut it off 1hr after the phone call)Internet and mobile phone service are necessities of modern life, so it's important we have the best coverage and service at the best price possible. No compensation offered due to dodgy “no customer service policy”.Once reliable now gone down hill. I will never leave TPG.Not recommended.