Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

I can email someone at 9 pm and get a reply within hours. The College recognizes that these unprecedented times are impacting your application timeline to medical school. Good Habits to Develop Before Embarking on your Medical School Journey"They don't give any PNWU tchotchkes, not even a folder of info--it's all paperless." ]�׉C�O=��RgGD��\*.�&9S6���H�3�`,�a>7+�g�7W)��?E���`g��7m�A�4sאE,-�c8�=��*@������k�g,%4W�`���`T��72/�c9C�g�_�؋�!�z�̕�{�J3����Z�r���*U�G_�aJ ā}�����;�V6�ȖJY�@� ,�/���e���6O��N���|UIZfb�e�h����A�}�Ol�u�c0�7w�9��į�A�o`��ӲL�6����4��(OSloG��DĒV�N �^ �Rp)Pr�FD[�Wgh�-O��h�s��6uG ZTl=7���� �?q�cU–4� ��=����xX�RJ��)
�0�1���i��v�n����>`���8�-�������@�(k�h�2��&�4��)LE�F��rf����ô- "How would you fix the US healthcare system?" with terminal cancer" The College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) is a private, non-profit medical school for osteopathic medicine located in downtown Pomona, in the U.S. state of California. PNWU will utilize rural and small community hospitals for student rotation and residency programs as part of its comprehensive campus-based educational curricula, training students in the very environments in which they will ultimately practice. 650 0 obj <>stream "Asked about the possibility of other medical professionals taking on larger responsibilities in medicine" "They recently switched calendar systems and from an end-user perspective it sucks. %%EOF They were awesome, especially helping me actually get there!
"Please don't serve messy food to people in suits.

What do you do?" Oh well... it's only four years." What are your greatest strengths? "Your child is playing with a hammer and hurts themself, what do you do? A 68 year old woman has 6 months to live, how do you tell her this? Actually wish I had been rejected, but my wife is hell bent on staying on the West coast so PNWU here I come. They will use the same questions all year. COM Description What was your introduction to osteopathic medicine?"

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PNWU is dedicated to offering more affordable tuition rates and developing community-based scholarship programs for students. ���2@zW�� \Q@B"H�� �" Q2�����H#����'~0 �H