Lotto Max

Download Lotto Max Download Extra. Canada's Big Jackpot Game! **The fixed prizes for 3 of 7, 3 of 7+Bonus and 4 of 7 are payable from the Prize Fund (a minimum of 48% of sales). Western Western 649 Western Max. Download the official LOTTO MAX Game Conditions.Download the official Interprovincial Lottery Corporation Rules and Regulations Respecting Lotteries and Lottery Tickets and the Supplemental OLG Rules and Conditions to Interprovincial Lottery Corporation Games.While efforts are made to ensure that the rules are accurate and up to date, the game conditions cannot always reflect changes. MAXMILLIONS and the jackpot will continue to grow until the jackpot reaches $70 million. Gros lot de base à 10 millions, pouvant aller jusqu’à 60 millions. In the event of any discrepancy between this information and the official information of WCLC, the latter shall prevail.Win or share Jackpot of at least $10 Million* (87.25% of Pools Fund**) Free Play** (three quick pick selections)*The EXTRA number(s) is valid for the same draw date(s) as the host game listed at the top of the ticket. Looking for the Lotto winning numbers? BC/49: Latest Lotto Max Draws. In order to ensure the accuracy of LOTTO MAX draw results across all regions in Canada, there may be a delay in reporting winning numbers. See the winning lotto numbers for the 6/49, Lotto Max, and more. Download Lotto Max Winning Numbers. The LOTTO MAX Game Conditions will be modified effective October 23, 2020 at 10:30pm EDT, in order to reflect the way in which MAXMILLIONS prizes can be funded, as of the October 27, 2020 draw date. Ask for a LOTTO MAX Quick Pick or select seven numbers from a field of 1 to 50 on the slip. These additional sets of numbers must be matched exactly to win; no subsidiary prizes will be offered.In Manitoba, tickets can be purchased online at The chance of winning a division 1 prize in LOTTO MAX is 1 in 33,294,800 and draws take place every Tuesday and Friday.

Tirage les vendredis. lotto max & extra Winning ticket locations are shown in the prize breakdown chart, which can be accessed by clicking the "View Prize Breakdown" button next to the draw you are interested in. Reload page if it seems out of date. Draw every Friday. B.C. Estimated Jackpot for Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - $24,000,000 This Page is updated by 11:45pm EST on draw night. Choose Double Jeu Max to play Lotto Max and Québec Max simultaneously. Ontario Ontario 49 Lottario. Odds of winning any prize are approximately one in 7.0 When the funds allocated to the 7/7 prize category exceed $50 million, the 7/7 Pools Fund shall be divided into (a) a main Jackpot prize of $50 million, and (b) a variable number of $1 million prizes. The balance remaining is the Pools Fund, from which all other pari-mutuel shares of prizes are paid.To win a prize, numbers matched must appear in the same selection (line). Once this happens, only MAXMILLIONS can grow. When the LOTTO MAX Jackpot exceeds $50 million, MAXMILLIONS draws will occur. Quebec Quebec 49. Read more about Lotto Max. Lotto Max is governed by the Rules and Regulations respecting Lotteries and Lottery Tickets of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation ("ILC"), which include limitations of liability. Jackpots start at a minimum of $10 Million and can grow to $60 Million! Atlantic Atlantic 49. The revised Game Conditions are available at For each $5 LOTTO MAX purchase, you will also receive two additional Quick Picks. Download a .zip file of all Lotto Max and Extra Winning numbers from day one. Lotto 6/49 Lotto Max Daily Grand. LOTTO MAX is the game that gives you a chance to “Dream to the MAX!” LOTTO MAX jackpots start at an estimated $10 million and can grow to $70 million! Lotto Max is the nationwide lottery game with more chances every week to become a millionaire. Are you already a winner?

| La loterie des gros lots! *The maximum amount any single LOTTO MAX jackpot will reach is $70 million.