Fort Tryon Park

"Uptown a Vast Park Spreads; Nearly 600 Acres of Open Space at Manhattan's North End Turned Into an Area of Planned Beauty and Utility"The Alpine Garden, the other formal space planned by the Olmsted Brothers, is located on the ridge along the park's eastern side, to the east of the Cloisters. In 1983, Fort Tryon Park was designated an official City landmark, and a plan was developed the following year to fully renovate the park. "Uptown's New Leaf Restaurant and Wedding Venue to Abruptly Close"Cabrini Woods hosts 80 bird species as well as possums, raccoons, and skunks. By the 1940s the neighborhood was known as Frankfurt-on-the-Hudson,The retaining wall north of Linden Terrace contains a The main portion contains a terraced seating area with elms.Late-20th and early-21st century improvementsAn 8-mile (13 km)-long network of pedestrian pathways is also located within the park.In addition, the Cabrini Woods Nature Sanctuary runs alongside "Historic Structures Report: Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters""Ft. Tryon Play Area Is Opened By Moses; 400 Children Take Possession At Once – Another Group Gives Party for Heckscher""Could It Happen Here? Rockefeller donated the land to the City in 1931, and it was designated parkland the same year.Official Website of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation The brick was intended to help horses ascend the driveway's 6% slope. After an incident where a jogger was raped in the early morning in 1997,Fort Tryon Park also hosts several annual events.In the years following Fort Tryon Park's opening, several improvements were made to the park.

National Register of Historic PlacesIn preparation for the conversion of the land into a city park, Rockefeller hired the The tower of the Cloisters, as seen from Linden Terrace"Rockefeller Offers Land Gift to City; Would Landscape at Own Expense an Acre Addition to Fort Tryon Park""Medieval Festival Will Draw Tens of Thousands Uptown""Rockefeller Offers City 56-acre $13,000,000 Park To Include Art Museum"Sir William's Dog Run is located to the east of Corbin Drive, south of the overpass over Fort Tryon Drive.In a continuation of his father's design philosophy, Olmsted Jr. included passive recreation features such as numerous tiers of paths; a combination of natural and manmade slopes; and the addition of plantings and rock forms to supplement existing features of the park site. Billings, a wealthy horseman from Chicago. The Anne Loftus Playground, which was named in 1990 for Anne Susan Cahill Loftus (1925–1989), an Inwood resident and district manager of Community Board 12, was part of the original Olmsted design. "Marrying in Fort Tryon Park? Stone retaining walls were placed along slopes to prevent visitors on the paths from falling off the cliffs.National Register of Historic Places PortalA water fountain, designed by the Olmsted BrothersThe northern boundary of the park is formed by the seismologically active "A Glimpse Inside Fort Tryon Cottage, Remnant of a Millionaire's Vanished Estate in Washington Heights"Together, the park and the Cloisters were listed as an "City Accepts Land From Rockefeller; Estimate Board Orders Terms Drawn in Gift for Fort Tryon Park Addition"All Wikipedia articles written in American EnglishThe park is built on a high formation of Several bus routes serve Fort Tryon Park. The northern terminals of the "Food Stuff; Above the Hudson, a Limestone Oasis"There are numerous remnants of the C. K. G. Billings estate. "Adds to Fort Tryon Park; Metropolitan Museum Transfers Part of Land to City""Observations and Tectonic Setting of Historic and Instrumentally Located Earthquakes in the Greater New York City-Philadelphia Area"Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images"Urges Park Extension; Commissioner Ward Says City Should Meet Rockefeller Conditions""Gay Midnight Crowd Rides First Trains in New Subway"The Shelter Overlook, an octagonal gazebo, is located east of Corbin Drive at the northeast corner of Sir William's Dog Run. In 1985, Parks dedicated a playground at the southern end of the park for Jacob Koppel Javits (1904–1986), the noted legislator from the Lower East Side. The primary road, named In June 1917, Rockefeller announced that Fort Tryon Park would be given to the city on the conditions that it be joined to the existing "Fort Tryon Park Stars in 'The Adjustment Bureau"City to Accept Park Site Gift of Rockefeller"A two-story brick ventilation building for the subway is also located within the park at Broadway and Dongan Place. Other deviations from past designs included the emphasis of Heather Garden, a gardenesque feature, as well as the formally-designed children's playground at the northeast corner. It contains a stone stair and a grotto. By the 1980s, the garden had become overgrown. "Costly Museum Cloister To Be Built by Rockefeller; $2,500,000 Gothic Building for Metropolitan to Rise in Tryon Park – Donor Also Gives Six Tapestries Worth $1,100,000"Fort Tryon Park contains numerous roads that can accommodate light traffic volumes. In 1936, the Met gave the city a small portion of the land intended for the Cloisters, thereby increasing Fort Tryon Park's area slightly. In 1917, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (1874–1960) bought the Billings mansion and began developing the property, employing the Olmsted Brothers architectural firm to help him realize his vision for the site.