Food, Inc facts

I am not saying that all people should stop eating meat, it would just be nice to see the public ask more questions about where it comes from and push for more affordable organic options.

As every animal thinks... if you don't... then you end up in my lunchbox, I guess.I'm sorry. if you are wondering whether or not to watch this, you will not be disappointed if you do. I'm horrified!Much love Kaspar. our local food coop which is owned by the people locally has a huge profitable income and grows alot every year....more than most any business and it keeps the prices down as well and it works or the staff do to find the healthiest foods but without some CEO taking home huge salaries so everyone ...the buyer and the coop owners win.Meat SHOULD be MUCH more expensive than it is currently. It relates to many attitudes and practices that need to be known and better examined and understood and changed and that relate to ALL aspects of our lives and relationships, but that each one individually must see for themselves what that is. !Please get your facts right - HUNDREDS of billions of dollars?

Just like your car.. if u put bad gasoline your engine it will break down quicker and be harder to repair.. and it never really runs right to begin with. The food industry is too rich to tell the truth. During that period. Good Job!Enjoy your salad.

As do other cultures who eat a similar diet to ours..better known as a 'western' diet.... From grain to poultry to vegetables, less than a handful of companies control the production of the foods we eat. The problem is most Americans do not see a problem with the way they eat. "After I saw the movie, I could not eat any meat for 3 weeks...after 6 months I'm sort of back to "normal"...I think, we should see this movie every 3 months....The standard of care in slaughter houses is so bad that if that was in Ireland, the place would have already closed down, heavy fines and even criminal charges due to incompetence and total disregard for human life. Corn is no good for cows.I will then take my time to personally upload it somewhere else :PWhether it may benefit someone to eat or not eat meat...There are many many interesting truths about the importance of meat to a human body and that it isn't protein per say, as it is there are certain types of protein that have certain affects on DNA and tissue and muscle of animal for man that vegetable protein just doesn't...tho the amount of protein may not be so important. Ever wonder why FOX News is Conservative and pro-Christian? I am wondering if it's because of their product...right it did state that; don't take it so verbally, what is analysis? See the incredible film, learn about these issues and take action. I love putting meat in my mouth and thats the way it is. Just learning from our past choices and seeing the impact is enough and does not imply we need to argue, instill guilt, feel guilt, defend or judge our choices..just learn from them and change...Honeslty, grassfed organic beef is the best thing for you. Thank you for this. I say don't go vegan, go responsible - and if you do go vegan, be aware that 90% of soybeans and soy products are genetically modified and are therefore bad for you.There are several ways to be notified about new content on TDF. great graphics, great interviews, tons of info, with great production. Do as you wish we are all going to hell in a hand bag but at least I have a chance of riding out the crash.Hi Kimesenko! yes Americans are definitely behind Europeans when it comes to environmental issues! I feel we need a diversified food system, locally based.

After watching this and connecting my own sons ecoli scare, and how it all connects to CORN. The truth in labeling laws will be altered soon, you can bet your life on it.

The consumer have to vote by what they buy. I never had a salad in China.

I think its great, but if you think your holy for your choice your full of compost. You learned me somthin' you did! No need to argue over whether or not to be a vegetarian or meat eater. When people... especially children end up with food poisoning because of something so small all that meat is recalled in the next couple of weeks if not the week of the occurring incident. It is just easy for people to throw them away because they are not the ones who shed sweat for them to be planted and then taken care of until they are harvested. I'm not much for conspiracy theories but this is something that has to change. At $3 and more a bottle for this concoction try vinegar and oil with some herbs and you will get really fresh tastes.Just a heads up that this movie is now available streaming on Netflix.

Thanks for keeping the information flowing. Phosphates and nitrites are a source of free radicals in the human body. Burke's direct affiliation with the U.S. financial sector probably provoked him to kick Zucker from his position because under Zucker was allowed a wide-angled, hostile view toward banks and their investments -- exemplified, in fact, in many interviews with former bank directors, coordinated by none other than Tom Brokaw of NBC Nightly News. It was on the world if humans vanished. I would think twice about your comments about starvation...I disagree with the comparison of organic vegetable farming with industrial cattle or animal production. to be all growing in one place? Usually animals. That is an abberation of Nature. And if there are none where you live, find some, or move. clearly back yard hens are more sustainable so then we should all give up eating produce. Not as obvious, but the abuse to the customers, the providers to fuel the never ending need of the giants of industry and their stockholdersto make more and more money is alarmingly similiar.Getting back on topic, this was a fantastic, eye-opening documentary. Anti-whistleblower legislation across the country threatens to criminalize individuals who make undercover videos or photographs at agricultural facilities. Also studies you find on how unhealthy meat is is more than likely done on factory farmed meat. Do not support the horrible and corrupt factory farms. What i found, that by the time i started eating meat again, my body would reject industrialized meats.