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We love to help. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone.Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.Thank you SO MUCH for adding other login options than facebook.

Flora is here to cover all your gifting needs. Whenever you want to make progress, grow trees in FloraHave trouble putting down your phone? Plant a seed with friends whenever you want to put down the phones.

Hi there, Thanks for your feedback. I plan to continue using this app to raise my grades and stay focused on my goals. Whenever you want to make progress towards your goals, plant a seed in Flora. Please see if the problem is resolved. Mit der Flora Incognita App ist es nun möglich, schnell, einfach und sehr genau die wildwachsende Pflanzenwelt automatisch zu bestimmen. You might have encountered server updates that false kill your trees and we are sorry for that. I also highly admire the contributions and major theme of planting trees and the option to plant a REAL Tree!!! I’ve been loving the app so far, and I’ve gotten so many things done today. If you grow trees regularly, you will earn yourself a beautiful, vibrant garden. One of the best apps I’ve used.FIRST EVER REVIEW COS THIS APP IS WORTH ITThis app did everything I expected it to. I luv how you can grow many plant varieties on the “Grand Tour.” If you work hard, your garden is cute and vibrant! This screen will not disappear until I close and refresh the app, which prevents me from earning the time spent on my different goal trackers.With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

Simply create a to-do item and set a reminder, then you will never forget a thing.Flora is developed by AppFinca Inc., a group of young, energetic programmers and environmental enthusiasts who believe everyone can change the world by using better software. But it’s the good kind of addiction. Now I don’t have to download a paid app to get all the nice features that this app has. Enjoy and have a nice day!Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Worth paying for a thousand times over! Amazing.Flora proudly offers the opt-in Price and Care services that let you plant real trees on the earth when you kill or successfully grow a tree in the app. And you help plant REAL TREES! Select a focus duration, and then pressI’m enjoying this app because I can focus on studying or having breaks off my phone. Which is great because I was recently diagnosed w/ severe ADHD. Helps you and friends put down the phones and be present. 2) If you received a notification that your tree has grown up (or been killed) but when you opened the app it starts from the login screen rather than showing the Congrats (or Oops) view, then the app was killed by the iOS system due to memory pressure. I can also plant a tree with my friend so we can both be productive. Flora helps you and friends put down the phones and be present. But honestly, this app is the only thing that’s ever got me to focus. 2.

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Drop us an email atShare Flora with your friends to grow trees together:Great way to keep me focused. Studying and saving the planet? Flora. It’s such a simple yet effective concept. You will be amazed at how great you can be.Hi there, Thanks for your feedback. We will take it into account when planning our future releases. Send flowers and send happiness! How; Trees; Support Stay Focused, Together Get on App Store. My friend at university recommended this app to me to help with focusing on studying, and honestly, I owe her and the app developers my life and my degree when I get it.3. Flora is a free app that helps you and friends put down the phones and be present. If you leave the app for social media or games, the tree will die.Enjoy a rewarding daily habit routine. Diese App erlaubt Ihnen auszuwählen, in welchem Projekt Sie Ihre Daten abspeichern möchten. My outlook on revision has completely changed and Flora has revolutionised the way I work! Things get even more interesting when you challenge your friends to plant trees together—you will see who kills a tree (ouch). WinnerYou can also view the daily, weekly, or monthly statistics of your activities in Flora to find opportunities to improve your time-management and planning skills.I never write reviews unless I truly love an app, and this is no exception.